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How to order

Our site has been designed to make ordering rubber stamps of all types quick and easy. Find the type and size of stamp you require by looking at the various pages on our website, then simply enter the text required and we'll take care of the type setting etc.

Stamps can be made to include almost any design, see examples below.

If you require a logo, signature or picture on your stamp follow these simple steps:

1. Find the type and size of stamp you require by looking at the various pages on our website.

2. Click on the 'Add to Basket' button and continue with the ordering process.

3. E-mail the logo, signature or picture to or use the upload feature available on certain products.

Stamps with vertical and/or horizontal lines (commonly called tabular stamps) can be produced at no additional charge. Please fax or e-mail a rough sketch and we will get straight back to you with a price.

If you are in any doubt as to which product will suit you best please don't hesitate to contact us, our experienced and helpful staff will be only too pleased to assist you.

Rubber Stamp Examples

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Do your prices include VAT?

A: Yes, from 28th March 2015 all prices are shown including VAT.

Q: Can you email me a list of available fonts and ink colours?

A: Click here to download our font and ink colour sheet. Colours for our Pigmented ink pads can be found here.

Q: What's the difference between a rubber, pre-inked and self-inking stamp?

A: Rubber stamps are for use with an ink pad. With pre-inked stamps the ink is contained within the die and will give you several thousand impressions and when the stamp starts to fade you can bring it back to life by apply a few drops of the re-inking fluid. Self-inking stamps have a rubber printing surface which rests on the built-in ink pad until required for stamping, then you simply push the stamp down to make an impression.

Q: I've placed an order, when will I receive the goods?

A: Click here to read the latest information regarding our despatch policy.

Q: Which products can you despatch the same day and what's the latest time for receipt of my order to ensure it's despatched the same day?

A: Click here to read the latest information regarding our despatch policy.

Q: I'd like a picture on my stamp, can you do this and how should I supply the artwork?

A: Pictures and logos can be incorporated on almost any stamp. You can either upload when ordering or e-mail the artwork as a pdf file, black and white line art with a resolution of 400-600 dpi.

Q: My rubber stamp is clogged-up with dry ink, how can I clean it?

A: Very gently brush the stamping surface with an old toothbrush. Avoid soaking your rubber stamps in water to clean them. It will loosen the adhesive. Do not use oil-based solvents to clean rubber stamps, it will deteriorate the rubber.

Q: I've received a bottle of Solvent with my ink, what do I do with it?

 A: Click here to download the info sheet, or call us on 01603 487246 and we'll explain.

Q: How do I change the ink pad in my self-inking stamp?

A: Download the info sheet here.

Q: Is your website mobile friendly?

A: Yes, from the 7th April 2015 mobile phones will automatically display our website in a mobile friendly format.

Q: Can I download MSDS safety data sheets for your inks?

A: Yes, please click on the links below for the required sheets...

X2 Ink and Solvent - pdf

Endorsing Ink - Shiny S61-S65

P196 BlackWhite & Solvent

P191 Black, Red & Blue

SP Ink Black, Red, Blue, Green & Violet

110 UV




Modico Orange Flash Ink

992 Freezer Ink