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Hospital Stamps

We have nearly 60 years' experience of rubber stamps used in hospitals.
This is a small selection of what we produce. Contact us for your NHS login to access discounted prices.

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Egg Marking Stamps

Pre-inked stamp for stamping eggshells. We believe this is simply the World's Best Egg Stamp!

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IPPC ISPM 15 Rubber Stamps

A wide range of rubber stamps for stamping timber with your provider code and IPPC logo.

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ID Protection

Protect your personal details on letters, bank statements, credit card bills etc. Say goodbye to shredding!

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DIY Printing and Stamping Kits

Do-it-yourself stamp kits, Self-inking and Traditional.

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Richard Briars Collection

Exclusive range of art and craft stamps from the designer Richard Briars

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Letter Candy Self-inking Stamps

Self-inking personalised return-address rubber stamps

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Free Gifts for all!

Add a free gift to your basket. Limited stock available.

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Clothing Stamps

A quick and easy way to identify your clothes.

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