Branding Irons

Getting Creative with Stamps Direct Brands

Branding Irons

Unique and distinctive marking on wood, leather and more. Tools for creative branding are designed and made to meet the demand from leather crafters, carpenters, furniture makers & musical instrument makers, for a traditional method of marking their products.

When it comes to putting your ‘signature’ on something you’ve hand-crafted, it’s worth going the extra mile.

Stamps Direct Electric Branding Irons are a fun and unique way to brand, well… your brand!

The simple and fast process leaves a bold, permanent mark on all sorts of material – wood, leather, cork and more.

A visually striking brand is like a seal of approval – it helps your customers build confidence in who you are and the quality you provide.

It also helps protect against fraud – why should your customers accept cheap substitutes, after all.

How does it work? An Electric Branding Iron is similar to a soldering iron. The end is fixed with a bespoke mark, which we can build from your design or make to your specification. Once the branding iron is heated, it will leave a clear, permanent mark on all sorts of surfaces.

For creative work, we sell electric branding irons of all sizes – from the small and delicate to something big, bold and showy.

The Electric Branding Iron is perfect, for carpenters, wood turners, picture frame makers, leather craftsmen.

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