Why Should You Use Address Stamps?

Why Should You Use Address Stamps?

Although we’re all sending less and less by post, there’s never been so many ways to make it special when we do! An address stamp is the perfect mix of practicality and creativity; ideal for crafts, special occasions and for adding that personal touch.
Whether you’re marking RSVPs on cards, letters or invitations, or you’re just looking to personalise your arts and crafts, a personalised address stamp can be just the thing!


Address stamps achieve the ultimate personal touch. Stamp your own style with a custom finish and a fun design that will let your stationary stand out from the crowd!


Express yourself and impress your friends with your own custom design. Why not put your creativity to use and experiment with imagery and graphics to create your own unique address stamp?

Letter Writing - Address Stamps


Address stamps are a practical solution to so many craft, event and administrative tasks. Making it easier for your recipients to get in touch, custom stamps can be as useful as they are eye-catching.


The quickest way to make your mark, stamps are every crafter or event planner’s dream. Get that bespoke, artistic finish no matter how many invitations or letters your sending – it only takes a second!

Cost Effective

Most stamps can achieve thousands of great quality impressions before they start to fade. That makes an address stamp one of the most cost-effective ways to get personalised envelopes and letterheads.

If you’d like any other hints and tips to make your craft and stationery stand out even further, Stamps Direct are delighted to offer a wide range of wax seals, embossing machines to give your documents that extra flair!

From date and business stamps to educational or loyalty card stamps, we have a stamp for every occasion and we’re always making more! Don’t write it… Stamp it!