What is Pixie Stamping?

What is Pixie Stamping?

Pixie Stamping has been all the rage these days amongst hotel chains and housekeeping services, and for a good reason - it brings a very personalised and classy touch to bathrooms and kitchens everywhere. Not only that, but it also acts as a marvellous marketing tool.


What is a Pixie Stamp and where did it come from?

Pixie Stamping is a new trend created by Samantha-Jo Stark, owner of Pixie Dust Cleaning Services. For many years, companies used cumbersome and expensive methods like applying stickers to toilet rolls (and even kitchen rolls) to both seal them and showcase their brand. But Samantha-Jo felt she could come up with a more innovative way of doing things. That’s when she created the Pixie Stamp, named after her business. The Pixie Stamp is, very simply put, a water seal that works in a very similar way to stickers, yet is much cheaper in the long run and looks much better. Two qualities that had fans completely on board with the idea!

How does it work?

There are a few different ways of doing Pixie Stamping. The most common one is using the faucet: just turn it on and off again, allowing for some water to gather at the tap, and clean any excess dripping; fold the end sheet of a toilet/kitchen roll into your desired shape (e.g. a point) and hold it in place; finally, press the fold against the tap for a few seconds. Just make sure not to overdo it or it will become too soggy and fall apart! What you end up with is a water seal that will keep the roll from unfolding and looks elegant and unique at the same time. You can also use your fingers or any other object, if small enough, to achieve a similar effect. While this is practical and convenient, it’s too plain and doesn’t really have a very stylish design that says anything about you or your business. You will want to exhibit your personality, as well as your brand, whenever possible. Thus, we suggest taking it a step further and getting your own personalised stamp.

Where can I get my own?

You can get your very own Pixie Stamp at Stamps Direct! Simply upload your logo or design and we will create it for you. We recommend you keep it as simple as possible, with few details, as any complex designs will become illegible after the stamping process. The stamp is supplied on a small acrylic block that you can take everywhere with you, and is extremely easy to use. Just wet it and press firmly onto the folded end sheet of your desired toilet roll. The resulting effect has converted millions of housewives and businesses all over the world, both for its practicality and originality. It looks better, it feels better, and it’s the perfect way to market your brand and/or your message in a very subtle and tasteful manner.


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