Useful and Time-Saving Stationery Resources for Teachers

Useful and Time-Saving Stationery Resources for Teachers
A day in the life of a teacher is certainly never easy. Long gone are the days of an 8 am start and a 3 pm finish, plus all the holidays off!

We know that teachers work incredibly long hours from teaching the actual lessons, dealing with squabbles, planning lessons, marking, planning trips and obligatory lunchtime playground duties (not to mention homework clubs, after school detentions and coursework SOS).

So, with that in mind, we imagine teachers are always looking for ways to be more efficient. Whilst we can’t offer a solution to every problem a teacher faces, we do have some suggestions on how rubber stamps can make a day in the life of a teacher ever so slightly simpler, and perhaps help with efficiency. Read on to find out more...

Rubber Stamps for Marking Books

Take the hard work out of marking your student’s books and homework – put down the pen and pick up a range of motivation rubber stamps. There are loads of rubber stamp designs to choose from. Animal stamps paired with motivational messages such as ‘Excellent’ and ‘Improving’ provide an excellent way to give engaging feedback to your students throughout the year. Your students will love the fun characters and it is likely to motivate them more to work harder.

There are also some simpler stamps on offer too – such as pass ticks and simple messages like ‘Well Done’ and ‘Very Good’. Pair them with fun and colourful stickers and save even more time whilst making marking a fun and engaging experience for both teacher and pupil.

Don’t forget too, that we have a great range of ink pads and stamp accessories (like stamp stacks to keep your desk tidy, or rather slightly tidier!) so you’ll never find yourself in a sticky spot.

To-Do List Notepads

The power of to-do lists is often overlooked! Yes, you might have a laptop or iPad but sometimes you really need to write things down physically to really absorb the information. Start your day by writing a to-do list before lessons begin.

This can include any important correspondence you need to deal with such as emails from parents; important marking; lesson preparation such as photocopying; meetings to attend and much more.

Try to dedicate around 20 minutes of each day to deal with ad-hoc tasks that fall outside of lessons. By allocating a specific notepad purely to to-do lists; you will be able to keep an organised approach each and every day to the tasks at hand.

Sticky Notes

The humble post-it note… Again with the introduction of more and more technology, the simplicity of post-it notes can be overlooked, but don’t be hasty! They still have a place in the classroom and are flexible, easy to use and multi-purpose.

From an organisational point of view for a teacher, they can be used to help you to organise stacks of paper and mark important pages in books.

From an in-situ perspective, you could mix your lesson plan routine up and use sticky notes for an ‘Ideas Tree’, a ‘Question Wall’ or even to give secret feedback to your students. The possibilities are endless and sticky notes prove to be a useful resource for teachers.

What other useful and time-saving resources do you swear by in the classroom as a teacher? Leave a comment and let us know!