The Two Faces of Rubber Stamps

The Two Faces of Rubber Stamps
Rubber stamps are a bit like the Jekyll and Hyde of the stationery world; they have two faces or rather, two personalities.  Actually, though, that’s where the similarity ends for there’s nothing evil about rubber stamps.

Whatever face you favour, they are extremely useful and can be extremely fun both at home, in the office and in the classroom….in fact, just about anywhere! So, we decided to take a look at the two faces of rubber stamps and discover some of the many uses.

The Business Face of Rubber Stamps

So, let’s get down to business. Rubber stamps primarily exist to make business tasks easier and the uses are almost limitless in an office, study or really just about any business environment. The many different types of rubber stamps available cater to all sorts of tasks but they all share the same mission; to boost efficiency and save time and effort for the user. Here are some examples:

  • Take a simple date stamp – when you have a pile of paperwork to mark and organise, it’s amazing how much time a date stamp can save. Stop scribbling the same numbers over and over again, instead just stamp and go and see how quickly you work through that pile!
  • Postmasters will become so much more efficient when they begin using a ‘Received’ stock phrase stamp. You can add a date to the stamp too and hey presto; your postmaster can kill two birds with one stone when they sort the post each morning at the office. PPI stamps won’t leave your postmasters side, either, allowing them to keep track of
  • Your accounts team will be spoilt for choice with the rubber stamps options on offer. Stamp stacks including messages such as ‘Copy Invoice’, ‘Paid’ and ‘This account is now overdue’ saves time and leave a professional finish on internal and external documents.
  • For cafes and the like, think about introducing a loyalty card scheme to enhance your customer retention strategy.

The Fun Face of Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps also have their place in the home, at school and can be used purely and simply to have some fun! There are plenty of ways to use rubber stamps in a fun and creative way for decorative and engaging purposes. Take a look at some of our favourite examples, below:

  • Whether you are a teacher or teaching assistant or even a classroom assistant, engage the students in a fun way with school stamps. With gold stars, a range of motivational messages and fun characters and faces, school stamps are both fun and take the hard work out of marking for you!
  • Social stamps do just what they say on the tin – they help you connect with the social world and bring the fun of Facebook and Twitter to paper. Bring Like and Dislike buttons into the offline world and inspire your friends and family with Keep Calm messages.
  • Arts and crafts is where the fun face of rubber stamps really grins the widest. After all, the possibilities are endless! From scrap booking to decoupage, to card and stationery making, the selection of patterned stamps available means the only limit is your imagination.

So there you have it; the two faces of rubber stamps! What’s your favourite use for rubber stamps?