The negative connotations of rubber stamps

The negative connotations of rubber stamps As a verb, the term 'rubber stamp' is defined by Google as to 'approve automatically without proper consideration'.


As a noun, the phrase conjures up images of traditional rubber stamps with wooden handles and an ink pad.


Some might think that both are outdated and antiquated terms that are closely linked. But even the negative connotations of rubber stamps – hastily 'stamping' through legal reforms or changes without thought – are not a fair representation of how rubber stamps are used in modern times.

In today's society, rubber stamps have many uses. In the early 1990's they became extremely popular among crafting communities who began using rubber stamps for various creative art and craft designs. The card-making community is especially prolific in the Western-World and card making rubber stamps are often used to create a wonderful wave of unique and colourful designs.

In business, rubber stamps are put to much more use than 'approving' documents. They're used for noting received paperwork, stamping company addresses on correspondence and encouraging customer loyalty with simply designed but highly-effective loyalty card stamps.

Traditional rubber stamps with a wooden handle have been overtaken by plastic-cased self-inking rubber stamps that don't require a separate ink pad and offer long-lasting, mess-free stamping abilities.

If you can think of an application for a rubber stamp, chances are there's already a stamp for it. If not, you can always make a custom rubber stamp. Don't let the historic negative connotations of rubber stamps get you down, contact us today to see what we can do for you!