The importance of rubber stamps in a business setting

The importance of rubber stamps in a business setting Rubber stamps are extremely popular in business. No matter what industry you're in, you can probably think of a use for a rubber stamp, but even if you can't there are probably uses you've never even thought of.


Follow us on this journey around the wonderful world of rubber stamps and their importance in a business environment.


  1. The 'received' stamp – where time is of importance (where isn't it? Time is money after all), the received rubber stamp is an excellent way of monitoring when the paperwork has come into the office. This is perfect for keeping track of paperwork and monitoring when invoices have been paid. An organised workplace is an efficient one.
  2. The address stamp – for small businesses and large corporations alike, the ability for your customers to contact you is essential. A business address stamp is perfect for use on flyers, compliment slips, correspondence envelopes and even business cards. A simple yet effective tool to encourage your customers to contact you and not forget your details.
  3. Standing out from the crowd – in business, it's essential to stand out from the competition. You can add an air of sophistication to your business dealings with an embossing stamp or add a unique touch to your correspondence with a wax company seal with your company name on it. It's the little things that make all the difference.
  4. The customer is important – your customers are the lifeblood of your business. It's important to nurture and encourage relationships to flourish. Showing your customers you care with a simple gesture can make all the difference. A thank you stamp is an excellent way to show your gratitude for an invoice paid on time or completed order. How often do the large faceless corporations thank you for your custom?
  5. Efficiency and productivity – rubber stamps are an excellent way to increase productivity and reduce stress. Modern self-inking rubber stamps can be used without an ink pad and are easy to use with minimal mess. Stamping is easier than writing the same thing by hand over and over and a good stamp always makes employees feel better!
  6. Building loyalty – keeping customers coming back is how all businesses thrive. For pubs, bars, cafés, restaurants and shops that are often done using a loyalty card system – buy a certain amount of your product, get one free. It gives the customer an extra incentive to keep coming back (and hopefully bring their friends!). Custom loyalty card stamps are available to add a unique design to your stamp or for ink-free loyalty there's the option of loyalty card embossing stamps.
  7. Protecting data – customers contact details, payment information and other private data need protecting by law. Shredding can be expensive and messy, but our ID protection stamp is an excellent way to obscure information with ease.

These are just a handful of the excellent uses rubber stamps can be put to in the business environment. Can you think of any more?