The 5 Worst Rubber Stamps of All Time

The 5 Worst Rubber Stamps of All Time
This article could be difficult to write without accidentally insulting and criticising other rubber stamp manufacturers. But we’ve all seen some bad rubber stamps over the years.

Whether they were hand-made and went wrong or just based on a poor concept, there have been plenty of stamps over the years that don’t live up to their potential.


Of course, there are some issues that cause rubber stamps to leave a poor impression. Blunt or poor cutting instruments can lead to crooked or award cuts in the rubber and a bad impression when combined with ink. Similarly, poor manufacture can lead to areas on the stamp where ink can ‘pool’ causing over-inking and blobs of ink on the stamped item.

The end-user too can create a mess with even the very best stamp by applying too much ink to their stamp or their ink pad. So it’s important to start off on the right foot.

The Worst Rubber Stamps

Other than just poorly constructed or poorly used rubber stamps, there are plenty of examples of rubber stamps that could be deemed ‘the worst’…

1. The ‘Fired’ Stamp

Not a stamp you want to see in your lifetime, the ‘fired’ stamp is probably rarely used in reality apart from jokes or for poor television shows. If any boss ever used it to pass the message on that you were no longer required as a member of the company, then the chances are you don’t want to work for them anyway. Still, in the list of the worst rubber stamps of all time, it’s got to rank quite highly.

2. The ‘Final Notice’ Stamp

In close second place, comes a series of stamps all with the same theme. ‘Payment Due’, ‘Final Notice’, ‘Overdue’ and other related stamps are never a pleasant sight. These stamps commonly mean you own someone money and things are not good. No one likes them, not even the people sending them out!

3. The ‘Rejected’ Stamp


but it also has upsetting consequences. A project, product, proposal or something completely different may well be ‘rejected’ for a number of reasons – perhaps it doesn’t meet budget requirements, perhaps it doesn’t live up to the high-quality testing criteria or maybe it’s just a really bad idea, but whatever the case may be, it’s a horrible stamp and definitely joins our list. A brief mention should also go here for ‘rejections’ brother ‘FAIL’ which has no doubt graced many exam papers over the years and caused much heartache.

4. SS and Nazi Stamps


These stamps are necessarily related to some of the greatest evil to ever grace the earth. Hopefully, it’s no surprise to see it/them in our list of the worst rubber stamps of all time. More than just a stamp used for sending mail, these stamps were no doubt used to sign death warrants, mark and approved documents which lead to war crimes and similar atrocities. It’s important to remember and honour the past lest we repeat it, but we can still agree that this is one of the worst stamps around.

5. Poorly Made QR Code Stamps


We’ve talked before about the value of QR codes in marketing. Used properly the QR code stamp can be an excellent marketing tool, helping your customers find your business and make easy contact with you. Done badly, a QR code can be an embarrassment. It’s obvious that a badly constructed stamp used to make QR code impressions could do more harm than good. QR codes require a clear image in order to be read by a smartphone, so over or under-inking or blurry lines could lead to a wasted message and a failed marketing campaign that could have a negative impact on your business.


Get it right and use a professional stamp manufacturer to make your QR code stamp!