Rubber Stamps Are(n’t) Boring

Rubber Stamps Are(n’t) Boring Are rubber stamps boring? That's obviously a very subjective question.


You might find rubber stamps boring. We certainly don't. Even if you think rubber stamps are boring, you might just be thinking about the traditional rubber stamp and ink pad; the office stamp with the ink pad and a pile of envelopes and documents that need stamping.

But there are plenty of other rubber stamps and ways to apply stamps that make them far more interesting than you might have considered.

The Interesting Uses For Rubber Stamps

      • Protecting Your Identity – ID theft is a big concern, especially in modern times when access to personal data is so easy. So it might interest you to know that you can now protect your identity from theft and cut down on shredding at the same time with a stamp that does it all – the ID protection roller – just roll the stamp across your data and it will obscure the information and protect you from harm.
      • Killing Germs – the war against germs is not one we can win. There are so many varieties, so many strains and so many mutants out there, we'll never be 100% free, but even rubber stamps are taking up the arms race in an effort to kill germs off. The antibac stamp from Shiny can help reduce up to 99.99% of the germs that are present on your hands while you use it! Now that's clever (and interesting stuff!)
      • A Different Kind of Art – boring? No. Rubber stamps can even be purchased to create your own artwork. If you're interested in arts and crafts, making your own cards, or even just playing with your children and creating brilliant patterns, then arts and crafts stamps are a great way to break the boredom and have a fun-packed afternoon. If you're really creative, you can even turn a standard rubber stamp (or series of them) into artistic tools to create something really special like this picture of batman made using just rubber stamp impressions:
      • Motivating the little ones – rubber stamps are a great way to get (and keep) kids motivated. Teachers and teaching assistants can use gold star stamps, smiley faces, ‘excellent’, ‘perfect’ and ‘impressive’ stamps to reward good work and hard work. While sad faces and ‘ok’ stamps may encourage a little extra effort where children are falling behind. Our various motivational stamps include various faces, animals and creatures in a variety of colours to keep children entertained.
      • Unique and Fun Business Cards – there are plenty of examples of clever and ‘different’ business cards out there. We’ve even written about some in the past. Using a custom rubber stamp can be an excellent way to create your own business cards that will really leap out at the recipients. The only restriction is your imagination! Take a look at these ‘Crazy Business Cards’ on Mashable for some inspiration. For larger companies, using this technique to create unique business cards is also a good way to save money. Get a batch of business cards with just your company logo printed on them, then issue employees with their own stamp with name and contact details on them and allow them to just stamp on the cards they need – no waste, money saved.
      • Saving Time – rubber stamps don’t just have to be interesting – they can be useful too. Our SignStamp (for example) is an excellent way to cut down on the number of times you need to sign your name and salutations on Christmas or other seasonal cards but keeps the personal touch of being signed with your own handwriting.
      • Quirky Messages &Daft Jokes – if you’ve got a favourite phrase, a custom saying, a daft joke or catch-line, a custom rubber stamp can be made up to allow you to easily stamp it on greeting cards, birthday cards, letters, postcards and other correspondence. Sharing your personal cheer and personality with the recipients, plus it’s a personal touch that people will love.
      • Quirky Wrapping Paper – every year we spend untold amounts of money on wrapping paper for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and others, but more often than not it’s shop bought paper and not really unique. You could easily find presents from someone else with the same paper under your Christmas tree. Why not do something different? Buy some brown parcel paper or large white printing paper or even some roll of recycled plain paper and invest in some rubber stamps with seasonal designs or custom stamps with your own design and stamp the paper to give it your own personal and unique touch.
      • Create Your Own Stickers – a pack of plain stickers can easily be turned into your very own custom stickers. A custom stamp and a little time and you can create stickers that can be used on anything and everything. Even the things you wouldn’t normally consider using stamps on.
      • Create Your Own T-Shirts & Clothes – with a blank or plain piece of clothing and a marking stamp, you can make clothes with your own message, name, business name or brand emblazoned on them at a low cost. Water-proof and laundry resistant, these stamps are really useful in a variety of applications.

These are just some of the possible uses of rubber stamps which make them interesting and certainly far from boring. If you’ve got any other uses that you’d like to share with us, drop us a note in the comments or let us know on Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to share it with everyone!