Refresh Packaging & Labelling With Custom Ink Stamps & Sealing Wax

Refresh Packaging & Labelling With Custom Ink Stamps & Sealing Wax

What better way to get rid of those lockdown business blues than with a crafty brand refresh? It doesn’t need to be a whole new rebranding session, but small hand-crafted changes can be the difference between a retained customer and a one-time buyer. Let’s take…

Pack it up, pack it in – Let’s begin with personalised packaging

Due to the lockdown and some supply chain disruption, it may not be as easy or affordable to access your usual packaging, so why not go back to basics and vamp it up yourself? We can make a traditional rubber stamp of your logo and tagline to help you customise the plain packaging and tape you can source. They come in several sizes, can be used with multiple inks and pigments, and are precision cut using laser technology to carve out any design you choose whether it’s text or a logo.

Example ways to use custom stamps:

  • Print your logo on your packaging tape.
  • Add your logo directly on to the box to indicate who it’s from.
  • Brand your labels with your logo
  • Include your branding on your returns forms or order summaries.

Go tactile with a Wax Seal

Wax-sealed envelopes or packaging are all about personalisation and class. They make us think of the olden times when letters were the only way to communicate and infer that care and consideration have been taken.

Example ways to use sealing wax:

  • Seal an envelope without any potential transition of germs.
  • Imprint on a certificate or authentication label to imply originality.
  • Seal a ribbon closed around your product and packaging.

We can generate a selection of Brass Wax Seals with simple designs to support your business. And we’ve got loads of other options too – go for traditional wax sticks in bold, bright and shimmering shades, or consider the more modern (and safer to use) Glue Gun Wax – no flames required.

Emboss with the best of them

Embossing is an eco-friendly way you can reinforce your brand without the need for additional materials. And just like a stamp, it gives your home packaging a more professional, neat finish. Just purchase a personalised embossing tool and that is all you will need to imprint your brand on a letter, envelope or card. If you want to add colour or enhance your embossed logo or text, consider using some embossing wafers or stickers.

Examples of ways to use Embossing tools:

  • To add your logo to a company letter.
  • If using self-adhesive envelopes, you would impress your logo where the wax melt would have been.
  • To officiate a certificate or authentication letter.
  • To give your product labels a hand-crafted feel

Packaging and labelling don’t have to break the bank every time. These custom ink stamps, sealing wax and embossing tools are very cost-effective. Why not get yours and see how you can use them to give your brand a hand-crafted and personalised touch.