Personalised Teacher Stamps – What Are My Options?

Personalised Teacher Stamps – What Are My Options?

As a country, we are very familiar with teacher’s stickers, but when you think about it – a self-inking stamp could save you a lot of time and potentially money too.

There are a lot of advantages to using your very own personalised teacher stamps, as well a range of customisation options depending on your choice of stamp!

Self-inking or conventional

There are two types of stamps available; self-inking stamps contain an internal, replaceable ink-pad which means you can stamp quickly and easily, without having to prime your stamp with ink. Self-inkers also do not require cleaning after each use, unlike the traditional type of stamp. The implication here is that whilst you save time (and let’s not forget they are much more satisfying to use) self-inking stamps do work out slightly more expensive than traditional stamps.

Why would you want a personalised teacher stamp?

Motivational, approval, and rewarding are some of the words that might come to mind when we think about why you might want a personalised teacher stamp. Many teachers waste valuable time writing the same comments on students’ work over and over, whilst others choose to peel stickers from sheets or rolls when you could just pick up a stamp and make your mark in an instant. Choose your own positive words and add your name, then add in a star image or even a caricature of yourself. Or will you be known as the teacher with the dreaded red “see me” stamp? They are a wonderful way of quickly marking work, making students smile, and adding another dimension to your feedback, but they also make fantastic teacher gifts. At the next staff-room birthday or secret Santa, imagine your colleague’s response after unwrapping a personalised stamp!

Ways you can customise your stamp

Customisation options for our stamps are many: text, colour, font, image and size are the main options. Your imagination is the limit! You don’t have to use any text at all if you don’t want to – upload just a logo and that image will be used to fill your stamp. You could create your own highly bespoke image which we can then transfer onto your stamp. Other image ideas you might consider adding alongside the text (or on their own) might be the Facebook “Like” thumbs up, smiley faces, or a “bullseye”. Also, we still love teacher caricatures. Take a look at our customisable stamps to find an appealing style, then discover all the wonderful customisation options available.

Non-customisable Options

There is also a range of educational stamps available that are not customisable, but very cost-effective, especially if you consider the cost vs stickers. We have various styles, both pre-inked and conventional, available to buy on our educational stamps page. With such a great range to choose from, make light of your marking, and start using personalised teacher stamps to help you along!