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Guinness World Records featuring Rubber Stamps

Dove image created from rubber stamps

As you might already know by now, we are passionate about rubber stamps and anything stamp related. That includes stamping records and what better way to get involved than with the Guinness World Records. Did you know that several exists related to rubber stamps? Find…

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Simple Ways to Create Repeat Business


In business it is well known that getting new customers and clients is hard. Whatever industry you are in there are bound to be lots of competition vying for that person’s business, as well as the need to let the potential customer know about your…

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Easy Ways to Make Your Business More Eco-friendly

Four recycling symbols in a grid format

Over the last decade being environmentally friendly has become less of an afterthought and more a normal part of daily life. Today recycling at home has become the norm, while fast-food restaurants will encourage customers to separate their waste into the correct bins. It makes…

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4 Ways to Save Time and Money with Self-Inking Stamps

express-service-self-inking-stamp-printer-s-844-56mm-x-20mm-our-best-seller-1975-p address stamp

We have always believed that rubber stamps save time and money and help to make many different tasks far more efficient, both around the home and at home. The best tool you can have to achieve this however, is with self-inking stamps. Removing the need…

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What is National Stationery Week?

National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week celebrates all things stationery related! This week of extra appreciation happens for one week every single year. It brings stationery lovers together, up and down the country. Here at Stamps Direct, it’s very close to our hearts. We of course are big…

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How to Encourage Customer Spend with a Loyalty Card Programme

Hand holding a selection of loyalty cards

Many businesses offer a loyalty program to incentivise their customers to continue shopping with their brand or in store time and time again, and the concept is still as relevant as ever. High street examples include Tesco with their Clubcard scheme; Boots with their Advantage…

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How to Create a Successful Take Away Business with Help from Rubber Stamps

Take away pizza

If you have chosen to open a take away business or you already run one, ensuring your business is both successful and profitable is a key consideration. It comes down to more than choosing the cheapest menu printer and takes a lot of hard work,…

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