Make your own loyalty cards

Make your own loyalty cards
Loyalty cards are a fantastic way to make your customers feel special. They're a simple tool to reward them for their repeat business and keep them coming back.


If you don't already have a loyalty program, you should really give some thought to introducing one. You don't have to spend a terrific amount of money either; you can always make your own!


Company business cards can easily be turned into a loyalty card scheme with empty boxes on one side that your customers can get stamped. Collect ten and get a free cup of coffee, muffin or whatever product or service that you can afford to give away.

Of course, if you don't have any business cards, you can always design and print your own or use a local printing company to produce some loyalty cards for you. They don't need to cost the earth and if you do your market research properly, you'll soon see a healthy return on investment as the new cards bring in plenty of new customers and repeat business.

Keep the design simple and remember to include your company branding and contact information. Give some thought to adding a refer-a-friend scheme to encourage your customers to spread the word about your business.

A well-designed loyalty card can take pride of place in a customer's wallet and (with luck) will get used and abused as time passes. So be sure to keep a fresh supply on standby to replenish the masses!

A custom loyalty card stamp is a nice way to add a personal touch to your loyalty card scheme and make it stand out from the rest. Our self-inking loyalty card stamps do the job quite nicely. Self-inking stamps cut down on the mess and will keep stamping for much longer than you'd expect. Ink is easy to replace too, so you'll be happily stamping customers cards for many months and years to come.