Know Your Rubber Stamp Inks

Know Your Rubber Stamp Inks
Rubber stamps can be used for all sorts of applications and creations from card making to loyalty cards, address stamping to office stamps. But just as there’s a stamp for every occasion, there’s also an ink to match.

Ink pads come in all shapes and sizes – with different pigments, colours and sheens. There are inks suitable for paper and card, inks for clothing and textiles, permanent inks and ultra-violet inks for ‘invisible’ applications, but what’s the right ink for you?


Endorsing Ink

Endorsing ink is made from a special formula that has been developed to work perfectly with card and paper – it’s reasonably quick-drying, so it won’t make a mess when you stamp and it doesn’t soak into the card or paper and bleed like other inks could.

Endorsing ink is only suitable for use on absorbent surfaces and won’t work on glossy paper or card but it is available in a range of different colours and can be used with a wide variety of rubber stamps for all sorts of applications.

Invisible Ink

Invisible ink is ideal for use on all manner of surfaces but is most commonly applied by hand stamp and examined under UV light in the dark. It’s used by night-club owners to check on their customers and is popular the world over.

Textile Ink

You can’t simply use a rubber stamp and an ink pad to mark clothing, you need a special textile ink that’s machine washable and won’t bleed.

Fast Drying Ink

Fast-drying ink is best suited to occasions when you might be using rubber stamps on high-sheen or glossy surfaces that might be less absorbent than ordinary paper or card. These inks are used to present rubbing, smearing or mess and result in the best possible impressions. Combine with solvent for cleaning and reactivating old ink pads to keep quick drying ink from drying out entirely and becoming useless.

Egg Ink

Eggshells necessarily require a gentle touch. Similarly, you can’t use any old ink when stamping eggs otherwise the ink will permeate the shell and contaminate the egg itself. Egg ink is the perfect solution and combined with a suitable egg stamp it works magic on any egg, big or small.

Pigmented Ink

Pigmented ink pads are available in a range of colours and are perfect for card markers, arts and crafts enthusiasts both experts and novices alike. The inks used here are ideal for making perfect impressions and embossing. With a range of 30 colours available you can really add colour and flair to your designs.

Replacement Inks

There’s no need to buy new ink pads when your old ones run out – you can breathe new life into ink pads with refill and replacement inks. Use a solvent to clean the pad and your stamps to keep them in the best condition for the future.

Whatever you’re using your rubber stamp for, we can provide the ink to get the job done. If you can’t find what you need, get in touch with us today and we’ll help give you what you need.