How to Re-Ink a Gel Pre-Inked Rubber Stamp

How to Re-Ink a Gel Pre-Inked Rubber Stamp

Pre-inked stamps are a really handy tool that offer extra added convenience because you don’t need a separate stamp pad. You can quite literally stamp and go! As well as convenience, you get a quality, crisp impression every time. This makes them a popular choice for use at work and home, alike.

Pre-inked rubber stamps are a tool that will last for many years;

the only part that runs out is the ink! Unlike a traditional rubber stamp, where you can buy a replacement stamp pad when your current one is exhumed, at some point you will likely have to re-ink a pre-inked rubber stamp when your gel ink eventually runs out!

The process is actually quite simple but we have found it can be helpful to have a visual aid when carrying out tasks like this for the first time.

So, if you have a gel pre-inked stamp and want to know how to re-ink it, this video should come in handy for you:

As you can see, there are just two simple steps.

  • Apply the ink directly to the printing surface
  • Allow the stamp to absorb the ink fully overnight

There you have it; your gel pre-inked stamp is ready to use again!

Buy your gel ink here and if you have any queries then of course feel free to get in touch!