How to Create a Successful Take Away Business with Help from Rubber Stamps

How to Create a Successful Take Away Business with Help from Rubber Stamps If you have chosen to open a takeaway business or you already run one, ensuring your business is both successful and profitable is a key consideration. It comes down to more than choosing the cheapest menu printer and takes a lot of hard work, as well as a sound business plan.


In a local area, your first consideration as a takeaway outlet should be the food you serve and the service you provide to your customers. Serve up bad food and provide bad service and your local customers will simply stop coming.

Once you have nailed those points, other questions to ask include how do you encourage custom? How do you make your customers feel valued?

In answering these questions, you are unlocking the secret to ongoing success to ensure you reap the rewards as a business owner in the long term. You might wonder where we, a rubber stamps company, are going with this article, but the truth is that you can use the humble rubber stamps not only as a method to keep costs down but also to help solve two of the queries put forward above. Read on to find out how to use rubber stamps for a takeaway business.

Create a takeaway loyalty scheme

As long as your food and service have impressed your customers, they should naturally return of their own accord but offering a loyalty scheme can be a great way to cement return custom from the surrounding population.

All you need is to print cards that you can then stamp each time they make a purchase with the idea being that a customer then earns a free item once they have gotten a certain number of stamps. Nine stamps usually work well, with the view to providing a free item on their tenth visit to your takeaway.

What you give away is up to you, but it has to be something of a decent value e.g. a full meal, in order to encourage customers to return.

Make your customer feels valued

Helping customers feel valued all add to the experience that a customer has when using your takeaway. Quite simply, a good experience welcomes return custom. Make the experience an unbeatable one.

For example, if a customer has placed a large order why not help them identify each item that is wrapped in an identical white paper by bringing in a host of rubber stamps so you can quickly help your customers identify the packets of chips, burgers etc at a glance.

It saves your staff time in place of having to write out each item by hand but also helps your customers when they come to dish out the food parcels at home. Quirky stamps will leave them with a smile too. Take a look at our takeaway stamps.

Cut down on costs without compromising on quality

Why not get yourselves some of our takeaway stamps? Instead of paying out for expensive packaging, keep it simple and chic and then stamp your business name on cup sleeves, paper bags or cardboard containers.  Cost-effective and unique designs will help you stand out from the crowd. Your customers will like the attention to detail, too. Read more on why quality business stationery matters.

So, there you have it. We may not have provided you with a business plan but we hope we have provided some ideas on how to create a successful takeaway business with help from rubber stamps to ensure the longevity of your business.