How Not Using Rubber Stamps is Costing Your Business Money

How Not Using Rubber Stamps is Costing Your Business Money
There are so many uses for rubber stamps that you might not be aware of just how much not using them is costing your business money.

There are so many uses for rubber stamps that you might not be aware of just how much not using them is costing your business money.



Marketing your business is obviously an important part of generating revenue, turning a profit and growing your business. But for many small businesses, this is a costly exercise that could easily be streamlined in a cost-saving exercise. If, for example, you are getting your envelopes printed for mailing campaigns, sending involves or general communication, then you might find it rather expensive. For start-ups and small businesses, this cost may be an unnecessary burden that might lead you to consider cutting corners and sending client communications and marketing in plain envelopes.

Have you thought about what a difference a rubber stamp could make to your marketing?

Consider if you will a simple rubber stamp with your company logo on it. Perhaps you might go for something slightly grander that features your logo and company contact details. Now take that rubber stamp and apply it to every envelope, invoice, compliment slip and other pieces of stationery your company sends out. Now you have a professional piece of marketing material that stands out from the crowd, is personalised and relevant to your business and is likely to leap out at your customers and is less likely to be thrown in the bin (having been mistaken for junk mail).

This is a simple, yet effective marketing ploy which could save your business money. You might be wasting money on expensive printed envelopes and stationery that could simply be stamped by hand and achieve the same (if not better) results. Stamped with your contact details, your stationery is also likely to generate some sales leads and direct contact, as well as improving your brand recognition.


Keeping track of records, bills, invoices and incoming/outgoing mail can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. Especially as your business expands and continues to grow. You might find you miss out on invoices you are due to pay or fail to chase up on debts owed to you or simply misplace important documents because you have no way of marking them correctly.

This is where a number of stamps could be of great help. 'Paid', 'received', 'emailed', 'invoiced' and other stock-phrase rubber stamps are particularly handy in a business environment and prevent you from failing to pay bills while ensuring you know what needs chasing and what doesn't and are able to keep track of when post and important correspondence arrived at the business.

Purchasing and properly using these sorts of rubber stamps can help reduce your costs and actually improve your profit margins by allowing better administration of your business. These are tried and tested methods that have been used by thousands of businesses over the years.

Printed Postage Impressions

When sending business mail with Royal Mail, businesses are required to use Printed Postage Impressions on the envelopes. More often than not, businesses use franking machines and other postage tools to make these impressions and comply with the rules before sending mail. But franking machines can be expensive and costly and there is another way. PPI rubber stamps are a great way of making the correct impressions on your outgoing mail without excessive expense.

It is also important to note here that the rules around PPI are changing and in 2013 businesses will be required to use new PPI stamp designs on their outgoing post. Failure to do so could cost businesses unnecessary expenditure and headaches that could be otherwise avoided with a PPI rubber stamp. Of course, it is a lot easier to change rubber stamps than it is to change mailing and franking machines.

Data Protection & Shredding

Data protection (and the potential fines that surround it) is a big and costly problem for most businesses. Under British law – specifically the Data Protection Act 1996, businesses are required to handle, store and destroy personal information in a certain way. Personal data collected by businesses must not just be thrown away in the same manner as usual business waste and doing so has led to a number of high-profile cases in the news and serious fines from the Information Commissioners' Office for data protection breaches.

The usual result of these rules is businesses spending a great deal of time and money on shredding - an expense that many smaller businesses cannot cope with. But this is another area where rubber stamps could help save your business money and avoid potentially unwanted costs. The ID protection stamp is a great, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly way to obfuscate personal data before disposing of it and prevents that data from falling into the wrong hands. This is a low-cost solution to an ongoing problem of data protection and identity theft and a simple solution that you'll love.

Creating Loyalty

We've written previously about how it's important to encourage loyalty among your customer base and make the most of pre-existing customers by encouraging them to return (and buy) from your business regularly as well as enticing their friends to do the same.

Loyalty schemes are an extremely popular method of doing this and a simple, yet effective tried and tested method for doing so. Loyalty card stamps are a low-cost marketing tool that encourages repeat business without excessive expenditure. A simply designed loyalty card and matching stamp can make a world of difference to your repeat business and need not do any harm to your profit margins. Used properly, the loyalty card stamp and the scheme that it supports are an excellent way to build your business and make the most out of your already loyal customer base.

For new customers, it's a good way to keep them coming back. If you don't already have a loyalty scheme of one sort or another, then you are potentially missing out on a wealth of customers who might otherwise go elsewhere without the extra incentive you can so easily offer. These loyalty card stamps are therefore an essential tool for business and not only a way to save money but also a way to generate more money for your business in future.

There are plenty of other ways that you can use rubber stamps to improve your business, increase revenue and reduce costs, but the biggest is by coming to Stamps Direct where we can provide a wide range of rubber stamps including custom stamps made especially for your business and delivered within a short timeframe.

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