Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas
Guerrilla Marketing is that ever-so-risky style of marketing that walks a fine line between annoying and fantastically clever.

Done right, guerrilla marketing is a sure-fire way of getting your business noticed.


Leaving a Trail

Overnight Prints has an interesting article on Guerrilla Marketing that includes using Post-it Notes and custom rubber stamps to leave a trail of logos and contact information wherever you go. They show an image of a small business owner that might have gone too far with this technique.

Money Passing Hands

If you're feeling reckless and don't mind taking risks, you could use a custom stamp with your business info (or just Twitter handle) to stamp legal tender of the realm. After all, everyone handles money at some point or another. You'll easily peak peoples interest if you do this properly.

We cannot comment on the legal implications of this activity and we're certainly not recommending it, but it is something that's had some success in America and other countries around the globe – just take a look at these articles:


Paper and Ink

Everywhere you go, you may find stamping opportunities. How many newspapers get left on trains? Put your QR code stamp to use and grab the intrigue of fellow commuters with a quick stamp. Newspapers and magazines in doctors waiting rooms, dentist surgeries, coffee shops, hairdressers – they're all potential marketing opportunities.

Stamping on the Streets

This idea is one that would need to be carefully executed or you might risk a criminal record and a complaint of assault. How many times do you see people handing out flyers on the street? How many of those do you then see thrown in bins or on the floor further down the road? Using a stamp to stamp peoples hand would be far more environmentally friendly and unusual. Perhaps you could offer a free muffin or cup of coffee to everyone who has a hand stamp. This would be a good way to entice new customers in. We wouldn't recommend stamping people without their permission though!

Encourage Customer Interaction

You'll often see companies trying to encourage their customers to interact with them. For instance, getting customers to take a photo of themselves with your product in an unusual place and post it on your Facebook wall.

If you can come up with a good custom stamp, maybe you'll be able to get customers to stamp your stamp in unusual locations and places. A funky and clever image or stamp mark could even go viral. If your company logo is quirky enough and your customer base is loyal, you could just increase your brand recognition with a simple logo rubber stamp.

Postcards From Paradise

Everyone enjoys a 'wish you were here' postcard if only to rub it in your friends faces that you're off somewhere nice and warm while they're stuck in dreary old Blighty. So why not take advantage of that with free postcards for all your customers? A quirky design and funky or humorous images will encourage people to send some post. You can just add your stamp in the corner to encourage their friends to buy your products/services at the same time.

Alternatively, combine this idea with number 5 – Stamp your own address on the postcard, attach a postage stamp and get customers to send you post cards from around the world. Post the best on your website and Facebook page to encourage more interaction.

Forget Business Cards

Do something different! Forget buying business cards. Just carry around a stamp with your business contact details on it and stamp anyone who asks to have your business card. Of course, this does rely on having a piece of paper handy (unless they don't mind their hand being stamped), but it is unusual and both saves you money and helps people remember you!

You can see this idea in action here and here


Need some more inspiration? Here's a nice board of Guerrilla Marketing ideas on Pinterest.

Let us know what other ideas you've come up with for Guerrilla Marketing that others might find interesting in the comments!