Get Ahead of the Curve with our Dislike Stamp...

Get Ahead of the Curve with our Dislike Stamp...
After much anticipation, Facebook has recently announced that a brand new ‘dislike’ button is currently in development and will be hitting our Facebook newsfeeds sometime soon!

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has suggested that the new ‘Dislike’ will be introduced for use in times of empathy instead of the sometimes insensitive use of the like button.

The announcement has divided the social media world! What side do you sit on – do you like it or not?

At Stamps Direct we are ahead of the curve and already offer both Like and Dislike stamps! Our Like and Dislike rubber stamps are made to a high standard and include traditional wooden handles. Making them the ideal way to get ready for the new Facebook button.

While the Facebook dislike button is being designed for people to show sympathy and empathy for posts where liking it would be inappropriate, our Like and Dislike stamps are designed to add a bit of humour to your work and home environment.

Here are just some of the ways our like and dislike stamps can be used – get inspired…

Fun at work 

Lighten the mood in the office with Like and Dislike stamps. Adding these stamps to your office stationery can help to create a positive and fun work environment. They can be used on unimportant documents or other unofficial papers as a way of creating a more relaxed approach to different areas of the office. Alternatively, these stamps can be used on informal internal office stationery, reports or spreadsheets. There are many ways our Like and Dislike stamps can help to ease tension, inject fun and create a relaxed working environment.

Paperwork humour  

Whether at work or at home, it can be easy to get swamped with paperwork. Our Like and Dislike rubber stamps are an ideal way to lighten the load. You can make paperwork a little less mundane by creating like and dislike piles to help to break up the amount of filing needing to be done. Our stamps can also be used to liven up paperwork that would otherwise sit on your desk.

Home ideas 

Our Like and Dislike rubber stamps are a great way of adding some fun to your home. Young children will enjoy using them to like and dislike objects; as well as this they are a great way of teaching young children about how to express their like and dislike. These stamps can also be used by all members of the family to demonstrate their like and dislike in a fun way; especially when the Facebook dislike button launches and all ages become used to disliking as much as liking.

These are just a few of the ways people have used our Like and Dislike button, but there are many more ways that these stamps can add a bit of fun to your work and home life.

Once launched, the dislike button will soon be an everyday normal feature, just the same as the like button has become. Until then, get ahead of the curve and get your dislike stamp today!