Eggsactly What You Need!

Eggsactly What You Need!
If you run an egg business, then you know how important a delicate touch is. You'll also know your legal requirements with regards to use-by dates and ensuring your eggs are clearly marked.

It's not only important your eggs are clearly marked in legal terms, but it makes good business sense too. Shops and stores selling your eggs need to know when they reach their best before/display until/use-by dates so they can remove them from shelves if necessary and avoid risking the health of their customers. Even with the recent advice from the FSA that eggs can be eaten a day or two after their 'best before' date, it's still important to clearly mark eggs.


Don't Make an Omelette!

The problem many businesses in this industry face is dealing with broken eggs. Stamping eggs without breaking them has been a hassle and an expense for years. Broken eggs mean lost stock which in turn means lost revenue for the business.

This is where JetStamps come in. Jetstamps are a wonderful alternative to manual stamps that ensure the eggs are stamped without touching and thus the risk of breakages is reduced significantly.

Using the right ink is obviously another consideration. There is risk of ink stamped on the shell transmitting into the egg itself through osmosis, so any ink used needs to comply with relevant regulations on additives. In this case EC article 2 clause 9 of directive 94/36/EC dd. 30.06.94 associated to annex V of directive 95/2/EC. Stamps supplied by us do just that. So with one stamp you can fulfil all your legal obligations, help your distributors with sales and ensure the end-user knows when not to eat your eggs.

With the Jetsamp egg stamp, we have eggsactly what you need!

For something cheaper and more suitable for smaller egg stamps we have the pre-inked easy egg stamp.