Edutaining Children With Rubber Stamps

Edutaining Children With Rubber Stamps 'Edutaining' is one of those wonderful Americanisms where two worlds collide together to create something new. In this instance edutaining is a mix of education and entertainment.


All good teachers know that if you can entertain children while you're teaching them, you'll have far more success in educating them. This applies to all ages but can be particularly successful with younger children.


Motivation and reward with rubber stamps

Many of our customers are schools and the teachers who work there. They find that our range of 'motivational' stamps can be a handy tool to bring 'fun' into the classroom. Teenagers might not find it appropriate to have their homework returned with a smiley face stamp on, but for smaller children at primary school, it can be ideal. Motivational rubber stamps can also be used to encourage good behaviour or as a reward.

The traditional 'gold star' is a stamp that's been used through the ages to recognise excellent work and motivate children to carry on with a certain type of behaviour.

Getting creative with rubber stamps

Encouraging creativity in children is an excellent way to keep them entertained and educated. Here, art and craft rubber stamps can be used on art projects, designs for the classrooms or just pieces of individual art that children can take away with them.

They're mostly mess-free and easy to use. Plus the range of stamps on offer mean children can really get stuck in with making art of their own, even if they aren't able to draw or paint just yet!

There are plenty of excellent uses for rubber stamps in the classroom. We've given you a few, but can you recommend any more? We love to get feedback from stamp enthusiasts, teachers and customers alike. With your help, we can make your life even easier and children's education even more fun!