Easy Ways to Make Your Business More Eco-friendly

Easy Ways to Make Your Business More Eco-friendly
Over the last decade being environmentally friendly has become less of an afterthought and more a normal part of daily life.

Today recycling at home has become the norm, while fast-food restaurants will encourage customers to separate their waste into the correct bins.

It makes sense, therefore, for businesses to promote their eco-friendly credentials to customers.

There are many simple steps you can take to make your business more eco-friendly, here are just a few:

Conserve energy
Turn off computers at the end of the day, turn off lights not needed, only use the air conditioning when it is really hot outside; there are many simple ways of conserving energy around your business. While it is important to ensure the working environment remains safe and comfortable for staff, there are lots of small ways to help to reduce the amount of energy your business uses. As well as helping the environment, conserving energy will also help to reduce bills and the amount of money paid in gas and electricity.

Cut down on waste
Reducing the amount of waste your business generates will make it a lot more eco-friendly. Waste normally ends up in landfill sites and can decades, sometimes centuries, to decompose. Simple steps such as encouraging staff to use as little paper as possible by doing as much paperwork digitally as they can. Another simple way of reducing waste is by introducing recycling bins that are easily accessible to staff and clearly marked telling people what waste goes in which bin.

Use eco-friendly stationery
While it is great to cut down on paperwork, most businesses have no alternative but to use stationery. Opting for eco-friendly stationery will improve your business's environmental credentials without sacrificing on efficiency or professionalism. Simple products such as eco-friendly stamps and recycled paper are small and easy ways of making your business more environmentally friendly. These products are often no more expensive than their less eco-friendly counterparts but have the benefit of helping your business to have more sustainable stationery.

Encourage staff to have eco-friendly habits
No matter what eco-friendly policies you introduce into your business if you don’t encourage your staff to adopt eco-friendly habits they won’t be successful. Informing staff of the environmental benefits of new policies will help to get them onside when the new policies are introduced. As well as this, making it as easy as possible for staff to adopt eco-friendly habits will make them more likely to embrace these changes, which will benefit both your business and the environment.