Creative Ways to Use Rubber Stamps

Creative Ways to Use Rubber Stamps If you think rubber stamps are just an office stationery staple, think again. At Stamps Direct we find that our rubber stamps can be used in many creative and fun ways that help to brighten up office and home environments.

All our rubber stamps and wax seals are designed and made to a high standard, ensuring that you get great results no matter how many times they are used.

Here are just some of the fun and creative ways our stamps are used.

Encourage children

Smiley faces, stars, very good and thumbs up are all great stamp ideas for encouraging young children. A great way to motivate young children into learning good habits, whether it is reading every day or tidying away their toys, is to create a wall chart where they can collect stamped stars as a reward for positive behaviour; once they have collected a certain number of stars they can then receive a treat such as a new toy or their favourite cake.

Party invites

Make your party invites unique by adding an extra image or message. You can either choose from our range of Art & Craft stamps or even create your own design. These stamps are an easy way of keeping your invites fun and individual to you and a great way of expressing your personality, for example adding an image of your favourite sport.

Messages of love

We have a wide range of romantic stamps and wax seals that are perfect for when you want to send a message, letter or card to that someone special. Whether it is a simple ‘I love you’ or an image of a heart, our stamps and wax seals ensure that you can let the person you love know how you feel.

Christmas decorations

Making your own Christmas decorations and cards are a fun and creative way of getting children involved in the build-up to Christmas, as well as helping to keep costs down. At Stamps Direct we offer many festive-inspired stamps that are ideal for creating your own cards and decorations easily. Search through our Christmas & Seasonal stamps to see the wide selection of festive designs we offer.

Wedding invitations

Weddings can be expensive and many couples look for ways to save spending money wherever possible. Our Wedding Day stamps and wax seals are an inexpensive way of ensuring that your wedding invitations look professional, but also add a unique and personalised design to your invites.