Rubber Stamps

Wax Seal Competition – WIN 1 of 5 ‘Present’ Wax Seals


We’ve launched a new range of wax seals – available to order online – Stock Design Wax Seals. And to celebrate we’re giving away 5 of the ‘present’ wax seals – perfect for use when wrapping gifts, sealing birthday cards or other celebrations that people…

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10 Under-Appreciated Things About Rubber Stamps

Unappreciated Stamp

Rubber stamps are often left neglected and disregarded in an ever-evolving world of mobile technology and instant coffee. But the trusty traditional rubber stamp should be your friend. Here’s 10 reasons why. They’re a classic design tool – designers know that white space is a…

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5 Ultra-Secret Government Projects Involving Rubber Stamps

Men In Black

That title might seem a little misleading. In reality, ultra-secret Government projects rarely ‘involve’ rubber stamps, but they are often used to approve them. This article is merely intended to highlight some interesting projects that you might not have been aware of that have been…

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