Rubber Stamps

Creative Ways to Use Rubber Stamps

Party invitations rubber stamps

If you think rubber stamps are just an office stationery staple, think again. At Stamps Direct we find that our rubber stamps can be used in many creative and fun ways that help to brighten up office and home environments. All our rubber stamps and…

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Get Ahead of the Curve with our Dislike Stamp…

Like and Dislike Rubber Stamps

After much anticipation, Facebook has recently announced that a brand new ‘dislike’ button is currently in development and will be hitting our Facebook newsfeeds sometime soon! Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has suggested that the new ‘Dislike’ will be introduced for use in times…

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6 Ideas to Use Rubber Stamps for Handmade Crafts

Using Rubber Stamps for Crafts

Rubber stamps can be extremely useful in an office environment, but they are also a fantastic tool for crafters. They can be used to create many different items from handmade stationery, to ornaments. The key is unleashing your imagination and letting your creative juices flow!…

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Useful and Time Saving Stationery Resources for Teachers


A day in the life of teacher is certainly never easy. Long gone are the days of an 8am start and a 3pm finish, plus all the holidays off! We know that teachers work incredibly long hours from teaching the actual lessons, dealing with squabbles,…

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Q&A Series: How Many Impressions Will a Rubber Stamp Make?

Self-inking stamp in action

One question we’re asked more than any is “How many impressions will my stamp make?” The answer isn’t simple…. Here are the three key elements which play a part in the number of impressions your stamp will generate: Firstly it depends on the ink coverage.…

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Make your Home Business More Professional with Rubber Stamps

Help to run a professional home business.

Setting up a home based business is often the most cost effective option for new business owners. That said though, it can sometimes be difficult to make a business that is run from a home office seem as professional as one that operates out of…

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