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What is National Stationery Week?

National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week celebrates all things stationery related! This week of extra appreciation happens for one week every single year. It brings stationery lovers together, up and down the country. Here at Stamps Direct, it’s very close to our hearts. We of course are big…

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How to Encourage Customer Spend with a Loyalty Card Programme

Hand holding a selection of loyalty cards

Many businesses offer a loyalty program to incentivise their customers to continue shopping with their brand or in store time and time again, and the concept is still as relevant as ever. High street examples include Tesco with their Clubcard scheme; Boots with their Advantage…

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Q&A Series: How Many Impressions Will a Rubber Stamp Make?

Self-inking stamp in action

One question we’re asked more than any is “How many impressions will my stamp make?” The answer isn’t simple…. Here are the three key elements which play a part in the number of impressions your stamp will generate: Firstly it depends on the ink coverage.…

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Make your Home Business More Professional with Rubber Stamps

Help to run a professional home business.

Setting up a home based business is often the most cost effective option for new business owners. That said though, it can sometimes be difficult to make a business that is run from a home office seem as professional as one that operates out of…

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Why Quality Stationery for Business Matters

Why Quality Stationary for Business Matters

Quality Stationery and First Impressions Count Any discerning business knows that first impressions count. More often than not, the first time a potential customer or client is introduced to your business it is through some form of stationery. This could be a mail out letter;…

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How Not Using Rubber Stamps is Costing Your Business Money

There are so many uses for rubber stamps that you might not be aware just how much not using them is costing your business money. Marketing Marketing your business is obviously an important part of generating revenue, turning a profit and growing your business. But…

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Marketing Your Business with Rubber Stamps

It’s surprising the number of uses rubber stamps can be put to. Especially with custom made stamps – it’s a world of possibilities. If you take a look around our website, you’ll soon get a feel of how many different stamps there are out there.…

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Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Guerrilla Marketing is that ever-so-risky style of marketing that walks a fine line between annoying and fantastically clever. Done right though, guerrilla marketing is a sure fire way of getting your business noticed. Leaving a Trail Overnight Prints has an interesting article on Guerrilla Marketing…

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Royal Mail PPI Stamps – Changes You Need To Know About

Royal Mail PPI (Printed Postage Impressions) is a pre-paid alternative to franking machines or postage stamps which helps businesses save time and money when dealing with large quantities of mail. Previously Royal Mail provided the design of these impressions and you could print them on…

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