Buy Cheap, Buy Twice – The Rubber Stamp Story

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice – The Rubber Stamp Story
Here at Stamps Direct, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality rubber stamps that ensure a great impression every time.


This means that we use a cutting process that deeply engraves each and every rubber stamp we make with the text and/or design the customer requires. This process ensures that when the stamp is used, the ink transfers well to the paper and only in the areas that it should – in other words, there is no ink bleeding or mess left over from the stamp, just a clear impression each and every time.

We recently had a customer send us a rubber stamp they had manufactured elsewhere. We won't say who made it as we don't believe it smearing competitors or trying to get ahead by bad-mouthing the competition, but we think it's important to highlight the poor quality of the stamps out there and why it's essential you don't scrimp on your rubber stamp purchases. As the old saying goes, 'buy cheap, buy twice!'

A customer's stamp had a very shallow engraving. The text is so close to the background surface of the stamp that there is a bleeding of ink whenever the stamp is used – leading to a messy and unprofessional-looking impression for the customer.

Now for a comparison; below are a couple of photos of a generic stamp we make for confidential mail. You'll see from the side-on shot that the letters are deeply engraved into the stamp so they are well raised and as far away as possible from the flat surface of the rest of the rubber.

This quality craftsmanship means that no matter how hard you press your stamp onto the surface of the paper/card there will be a good ink impression without any bleeding. It also means that when the stamp is inked (with self-inking stamps, when it's retracted into its case) it will not be over-inked or saturated and will carry on leaving a great impression every time.

You'll note too, that the ink has soaked most prominently into the letters of the stamp and not the surface behind. Another sign of quality that will ensure you're getting a great stamp that does the job it is supposed to.

The moral of the story is – don't scrimp on rubber stamps – buy from the people that know!

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