Building Brand Recognition With Rubber Stamps

Building Brand Recognition With Rubber Stamps
In business, brand is everything. Customer loyalty is essential to business survival and growth, so getting your customers to recognise your brand, trust it and (hopefully) share their experiences with friends and family is a key to success.


Your companies brand encompasses many things - your ethics, the way you do business, your ethos, the company name and much more. But perhaps the first thing people come into contact with when considering your brand is your logo. So it needs to be bold enough to stick in their mind, to be instantly recognisable and easily associated with your business. It's important to have a logo that cannot be confused with other companies and easily summarises what your business is about.


Building Brand Exposure

In advertising, 'effective frequency' is the theory of how many times a company's advert must be seen by a person for it to be both recognised and remembered. To be effective, adverts need to be seen multiple times before they can effectively lead to a sale.

The same is true of the company brand. People will not instantly remember the company brand because they've seen it once on your website, your product labelling or your advert in the local newspaper. They need to be regularly bombarded in order to get the most exposure and association with your brand.

This is known as building brand recognition. Brand recognition, when done correctly, leads to a sense of belonging and trust between the person and the business. This eventually leads to loyalty and an emotional attachment to the business which in turn leads to repeat business.

With a simply designed logo, you can easily make your brand recognisable and encourage people to remember it. Turn your logo into a rubber stamp and it can be easily applied to a variety of formats to ensure it's viewed by as many people as possible.

A logo rubber stamp can be used on outgoing mail, compliments slips, business cards, invoices, holiday greetings cards, reminder letters, product packaging and much more. Used in this manner, rubber stamps are a marvellously traditional tool for spreading the word about your business and getting your logo and your brand is seen by as many people, as often as possible.

Stamping At Every Opportunity

A logo turned into a rubber stamp can be a marketing tool that should be used every chance you get. It's ideal for business cards, conventions and seminars – where you'll be interacting with other businesses, potential suppliers, customers and more and your stamp will make a lasting impression.

A rubber stamp is a simple way to make your logo portable and easily used. It's a low-cost part of your marketing tool kit and an important way to help build brand recognition and get your company the exposure it deserves.

Build your business brand recognition and exposure with a logo stamp or custom brand stamp designed to meet your needs for a low cost. Alternatively, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you get the most out of your business with rubber stamps.