Adding colour and flair to hand-made cards

Adding colour and flair to hand-made cards
For well over a decade, rubber stamps have been used by arts and crafts enthusiasts to design and make bespoke cards for every occasion.


An art and craft stamp is a simple way to add a unique design to a custom card that friends and family will treasure.


But a rubber stamp on its own might not add as much flair to your hand-made card design as you might like. Try thinking about how different colour inks can be used to add bright and vivid colours to your design and truly bring them to life. Coloured inks can be used to add green leaves, yellow petals and brown fur to a variety of creature and floral designs.

With a little practice and a small collection of art and craft stamps, you can easily design greeting cards for a variety of occasions from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions and events. Combined with a thank you stamp, you can make a pleasant and original thank you card to show your gratefulness for presents and gifts.

Combined with inks, embossing, tears and other embellishments, art and craft stamps can work wonders for creating unique and thoughtful greeting cards with the least amount of ease. With the thought and sentiment that goes into card making, your gesture is likely to be far more welcome than a simple token gesture of a shop-bought card.

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