A Buyer’s Guide to Office and Company Rubber Stamps and Seals

A Buyer’s Guide to Office and Company Rubber Stamps and Seals

Rubber stamps are versatile tools that have been used in offices for many years to streamline various administrative tasks.

Many rubber stamps are easy to choose and buy: the generic ‘Draft’ or date stamps. But you may be looking to buy a custom stamp for your office or organisation. And that can be trickier: What size? What type? What will it look like?

This guide is specifically designed to help you choose the right custom stamp or seal for your business. It also has guidance on generic stamps… just in case. 

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How To Choose The Right Office or Company Rubber Stamp

Office rubber stamps fall into three main categories:

  • Generic: fixed words or phrases such as ‘Draft’
  • Adjustable rubber stamps allow you to amend information, for example dates and times.
  • Custom rubber stamps allow you to have whatever you want on them, from phrases particular to your sector or organisation to company logos.


Choosing Custom Rubber Stamps

Choosing which custom stamp to buy for your business can be challenging as there are lots of options, and it may not be clear which one is the best for the task you have in mind. For example, do you choose a heavy duty stamp? A self-inking stamp? Can you have two colours? Can you have logos and text, or just text? Will it last? And so on.

The first task is to define the role of your stamp: what you need it for.


Define the Purpose of Your Rubber Stamp


  • Signature Stamping

      • To quickly sign large volumes of documents with a pre-made signature stamp.
  • Filing Instructions

      • Stamps that indicate where a document should be filed. See below for options.
  • Notary Stamps

      • Used by notaries to validate the authenticity of a document.
  • Return Address

  • Department Names

      • To indicate which department a document pertains to or comes from. See below for options.
  • ‘Property of [Office/Company Name]’

      • Marking assets or books that belong to a specific company or office. See below for options. 
  • Recycled or Green Initiatives

      • Indicating documents or processes that align with eco-friendly efforts. See below for options.
  • Employee Name or Title

    • Custom stamps to denote which employee a document belongs to or was processed by. See below for options. 


Rubber stamps can be custom-made, so an office can create a stamp for nearly any repetitive task or message they need to communicate on paper. The above list covers many common uses, but the possibilities can be tailored to specific office needs


Rubber Stamp Size

Depending on the intended purpose, select a medium to large stamp that can accommodate addresses, signatures or official logos. Ensure the stamp size suits the documents you'll use, such as envelopes, letterheads or internal memos.


Rubber Stamp Format

Self-inking or pre-inked stamps are recommended for office settings due to their convenience and suitability for frequent use. These stamps contain built-in ink pads or ink reservoirs, eliminating the need for separate ink pads and speeding up repetitive tasks.


Rubber Stamp Design

Ensure the design is clear, professional, and accurately represents your organisation. 

  • For logos, use a high-resolution image without intricate details that might be lost during stamping. 
  • For text, select a legible font that conveys your desired message clearly.


Office rubber stamps often undergo frequent use, so choosing a stamp made from durable materials like plastic or metal is essential. This ensures the stamp will last longer and maintain its clarity and precision.


Ink Type

For office stamps, water-based or oil-based inks are suitable for most paper surfaces. However, if you're stamping on speciality paper or non-porous surfaces (e.g., glossy paper or labels), consider using solvent-based or speciality inks for a smudge-proof and long-lasting impression. Explore our inks and pads.


Rubber Stamp Customisation

Work with a rubber stamp manufacturer to create a custom design that meets your organisation's needs. This lets you ensure your stamp is high quality and accurately represents your brand.


Consider the volume of documents you'll be stamping and select a stamp type that meets your efficiency requirements. Self-inking and pre-inked stamps can save time, as they don't require manual re-inking between impressions, making them ideal for high-volume tasks.


Rubber Stamp Type

Now that you’ve considered the above, you’re ready to choose the type:


  • Traditional Rubber Stamps

Traditional rubber stamps can create intricate designs, detailed text, and custom artwork. They are often used for crafting projects, wedding invitations, and personalising items. These stamps are ideal for occasional use or requiring multiple ink colours or speciality inks.



  • Pros:
    • Wide variety of designs and sizes
    • It can be used with various ink types and colours
    • Often more affordable than other types
  • Cons:
    • Requires a separate ink pad
    • Less convenient for frequent use
    • It can be messy to handle and store


Browse traditional stamps.


  • Self-Inking Stamps

Plastic-cased self-inking stamps use a smooth tumble action mechanism to make perfect impressions without needing a separate ink pad.

  • Pros
    • Convenient and efficient for repetitive tasks
    • Built-in ink pad reduces mess
    • Long-lasting and suitable for frequent use
  • Cons
    • Limited range of sizes and designs
    • The ink pad needs replacement over time
    • Not suitable for use with multiple ink colours


Browse self-inking stamps.

  • Heavy-duty self-inking stamps

Heavy-duty self-inking stamps feature sturdy frames and employ a seamless tumbling action, allowing for thousands of impeccable impressions without the need for an external pad. The rubber imprint surface remains on the integrated pad until needed. To print, simply press down.

These heavy-duty self-inking stamps are ideal for frequent and high-volume office tasks. They come in three sizes, with options available both with and without an adjustable date feature. By default, they are equipped with a black pad, but alternatives in red, blue, and green are also available.



Browse heavy-duty self-inking stamps.


  • Pre-Inked Stamps

Pre-inked stamps produce professional-grade impressions, ideal for signatures, logos, and official seals. They're especially suited for professional environments, legal documents, and scenarios demanding top-tier print quality.

These stamps consistently deliver crisp, precise imprints right from the first use. The internal ink reservoir in the text die assembly ensures thousands of impeccable stamps without needing an external pad. As the imprint begins to fade, simply re-ink the stamp to achieve thousands more clear impressions.

  • Pros
    • Provides clear and crisp impressions
    • Long-lasting, with thousands of impressions before re-inking
    • No separate ink pad required
  • Cons
    • More expensive than other types
    • Limited design and size options
    • Longer drying time due to oil-based ink.



  • ANTIbac rubber stamps

In our daily lives, we are constantly exposed to numerous invisible bacteria. These microorganisms can persist for up to three days and proliferate in optimal growth conditions. Shiny's ANTIbac line incorporates antibacterial protection directly into its manufacturing process, potentially reducing bacterial presence by up to 99%.

Explore our rubber stamps for the healthcare sector


  • ECOline rubber stamps

With environmental threats and degradation, such as deforestation, in mind, Shiny has introduced a series of products using 75% post-consumer recycled material packed.

Shop for ECOline rubber stamps.


Ink Colour

Select an ink colour that matches your wedding colour scheme, or opt for classic black or gold for a timeless appearance. Ensure the ink suits the material you will be stamping onto (e.g., paper, fabric, or wood). 

Explore our inks and pads.


Which type of rubber stamp is best?

Now that you know the various aspects of your required stamp, you can use the table below to choose the best type of stamp for your purpose.





Custom text 

Custom image



Shiny R 532





C. £18

Shiny HS





C. £6

Single Deskmate 





C. £2.50



3.4cm x 1cm



C. £15

Clixstamper (pen)





C. £6

Mini Stamp Sets





C. £10

Gold star stamps





C. £6

Stamp trays





C. £35

Shiny S (text only)


6.9 x 2.3cm

7.3 x 1.3cm 



C. £30

Shiny Pre-Inked


8.3 x 1.6cm

9.8 x 4.6cm

12.8 x 4.3cm

7.3 x 5cm



C. £73

Traditional rubber stamps


Any size up to 

15 x 15cm



From £11 to £80 

Multi-coloured stamps


Up to 4.5 x 1.6cm



From £33


If you’re still not sure which stamp to choose, get in touch with our experts and we can help. Just use the chat, to the bottom right of this page.


How to design, upload and order your stamp

When creating a custom stamp with Stamps Direct, choose the type of stamp and the impression size to suit your needs, then upload your text/logos/images via the form on the product page. 


2. Generic Office Rubber Stamps

Many stamps are more universal and apply to many businesses and contexts. As such many are available to buy. For example: 



  • ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’

  • ‘Confidential’

  • ‘Received’

      • For marking documents or packages that have been received.
  • ‘Paid’

  • ‘Copy’

  • ‘Draft’

  • ‘Past Due’

  • ‘Void’

      • To indicate a check or document is not valid.
  • ‘Entered’

      • Marking data or documents that have been input into a system.
  • ‘Posted’

      • To note that an item has been posted in ledgers or accounting systems.
  • ‘Completed’

  • ‘Original’

      • To denote the authentic document, especially useful if duplicates exist.
  • ‘Urgent’

  • ‘For Review’

      • Marking documents that need to be checked or reviewed.
  • ‘Emailed’ or ‘Sent’

  • ‘Scanned’

      • For documents that have been digitized.
  • ‘Corrected’

      • If changes were made to a document after errors were found.
  • ‘Certified Copy’

  • ‘Do Not Copy’

      • To prevent replication of certain documents.
  • Accounting-Specific Stamps

      • Like 'Debit', 'Credit', or 'Balance Due'.
  • Instructions or Reminders

    • Such as ‘Follow Up’, ‘Call Back’, or ‘Update’.


3. Adjustable Office Rubber Stamps


  • Date Stamping
      • Buy date stamps
      • For recording the date documents are received, sent, or processed.
  • Expiry or Best Before Dates

  • Reference Numbers


4. Buying Office Seals

Office seals used to imprint official insignia, logos, or signatures onto documents, ensuring authenticity and professionalism. Choosing the right seal for your workplace is essential to uphold your organization's image and operational efficiency. This guide aims to educate potential buyers about the uses of office seals and provide tips for selecting the most suitable one for their needs.



Uses of Office Seals:

  • Authentication
    • To certify the originality of documents and prevent forgeries.
  • Professionalism
    • Elevates the look of official documents, envelopes, and certificates.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
    • Some legal or official documents require a seal to be recognized as valid.
  • Branding
    • An office seal bearing the company's logo can serve as a branding tool, reinforcing the company's image each time it’s used.


Choosing the Right Office Seal

Many of the criteria for choosing embossing seals are the same as those for rubber stamps, as above. For example, size and design. However, there are some different things to consider:


Determine the Purpose

Know the primary purpose of your office seal. Will it be used for official documents, branding, or both?


Materials and Durability

Choose a seal made from high-quality materials to ensure longevity, especially if you anticipate frequent use.



If the seal will be used often, ensure it's comfortable to hold and use. A well-designed handle can reduce strain during prolonged use.


Clarity and Precision

Ensure that the seal provides clear and precise imprints. Blurred or uneven impressions can look unprofessional and defeat the seal's purpose.



If the seal will be used for sensitive documents, consider a lockable option or one that can be easily stored in a secure location.



While it's essential to invest in a quality seal, ensure it fits within your budget. Sometimes, higher-priced options offer features that may not be necessary for your specific needs.


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