8 Reasons to Fear Rubber Stamps

8 Reasons to Fear Rubber Stamps
We can't say that there are many reasons to 'fear' rubber stamps, after all, as a rubber stamp manufacturer, we tend to think they're pretty great.


But there are some reasons to think cautiously about rubber stamps or what they could mean to you.

1. Germs

Germs are a common problem in any workplace. In modern offices with air conditioning and enclosed spaces, the spread of germs can quickly and easily become a problem. Germs are easily passed from colleague to colleague and you'll soon find your staff all off ill. Winter months wreak havoc with businesses as employees are taken ill with flu, colds and other ailments.

Germs are obviously spread in a number of ways, but these include things such as shared stationery, door handles, desks (especially if 'hot desking') and human contact. Something as simple as a rubber stamp could be a source of the spread of germs if used by multiple people in the same office. There are ways around this problem. For instance, you can buy the Anti-bacterial stamp which can reduce up to 99.9% of bacteria during daily use. In a workplace where germs are rife this stamp could make all the difference!

2. Rubber-Stamped Policies

Poor old rubber stamps. They've got a bad name, haven't they? How often do we hear about bad acts of parliament or company policies getting 'rubber-stamped' to the detriment of certain groups of individuals? But it's not the fault of the rubber stamps really is it? We shouldn't fear them, should we?

3. 'Overdue'

Stamps are often feared for their ability to send menacing messages with large text, often written in all capital letters and red ink. You might fear envelopes dropping through your door with the dreaded 'overdue' stamp on them or an 'invoice' stamp demanding money from you. But these stamps can also be put to use for your own business and help ensure your bills and invoices are paid on time as well.

You can even get a 'paid' stamp and feel even better about yourself once the invoice is paid and you can mark it as so!

4. Running Out of Ink

An old problem with traditional rubber stamps was an ink pad that ran dry or just ran out of life. Such worries are really a thing of the past. Modern self-inking rubber stamps are really built to last and last and keep on stamping for ages. If and when they run out, the internal ink pads can easily be replaced. More traditional ink pads can be re-inked or bought back to life with replacement ink rather than a new pad. So there's no need to fear the end of your rubber stamp.

5. Making a Bad Impression

Rubber stamp users often fear the inevitable problem of over-inking, under-inking or not applying enough pressure when using their rubber stamps – resulting in an unsightly stamp impression that isn't fit for human viewing. Of course, this problem is a minor one that can be solved with plenty of practice and happy stamping. Self-inking rubber stamps ensure that you always get the right amount of ink on your stamp for a perfect impression every time, but if you're using a more traditional rubber stamp and ink pad then it is important to keep your rubber stamp clean and your ink pad well-inked for the best possible impression every time. As long as you don't do obviously foolish things like leaving your ink pad by the radiator, you should be fine!

6. Breaking Eggs

If you're an egg producer, then you've probably already given some thought to the importance of stamping your produce to make your mark and ensure your customers know the best before date on your eggs. But many people who make and sell eggs often fear cracking the egg or using the wrong inks and making the egg inedible as a result.

This is not a problem that you should fear. You can purchase a number of high-quality egg stamps that use jet technology to ensure a perfect impression on eggs without damaging the shell and inks that won't damage the egg contents or ruin your produce. Stamping eggs is easy peasy and not something you should worry about.

7. The Difference Between Pass and Fail

In a variety of situations, from exams to the driving test, the humble rubber stamp can be used to either mark your efforts as a failure or a success. The dreaded red ink of the 'fail' stamp can be a disheartening and upsetting sight on a document and may haunt you for weeks, months or years to come.

Although the stamp itself isn't to fear, it's the failure that it signifies that bears the misery and therefore it's one of the most hated stamps around. Conversely, that lovely pass stamp is always a pleasure to behold!

8. Bouncers and Their UV Stamps

Getting in and out of nightclubs and other establishments in your local city or town often requires navigating your way past a burly bouncer and his trusty UV lamp or hand stamp assessment. Of course, it's not the stamp on your hand that you need to fear (unless you suffer from an allergy to ink) it's the fear of the wrath of the bouncer or the ink that runs away from washed or sweaty hands. Whatever the case, the nightclub stamp is both useful and daunting all at the same time.

Taking Away the Fear With Stamps Direct

Despite all the reasons you might have to fear rubber stamps, there are plenty of reasons not to. Here at Stamps Direct, we're happy to be able to help you lose your fear and find the love for rubber stamps so you'll never be worried again!