6 Ideas to Use Rubber Stamps for Handmade Crafts

6 Ideas to Use Rubber Stamps for Handmade Crafts Rubber stamps can be extremely useful in an office environment, but they are also a fantastic tool for crafters.

Rubber Stamps can be used to create many different items from handmade stationery to ornaments. The key is unleashing your imagination and letting your creative juices flow! We’ve put together some fantastic uses for rubber stamps when it comes to crafts…

Gift Wrap

You know at the post office you can buy rolls of boring brown paper? Head down and pick up a roll or two. You can then use it to create your very own gift wrap – with the help of a rubber stamp and an ink pad of course! It’s so simple to create quirky, fun and attractive gift wrap that is unique to the person you’re giving a gift to! The receiver will be sure to grin before they even unwrap their present. It will be a fun and simple craft for you to enjoy, too.

Gift Tags

Finish off your uniquely gift-wrapped item with handmade gift tags, too! You can either use the same design to match your homemade wrapping paper or choose a different rubber stamp that complements the larger design.

Ornaments for the Home

If you ever spend time dabbling on Facebook, no doubt you are amazed at the never-ending inspiration and truly creative souls who reside all over the world. Well, why not bring some of that creativity into your own home with the help of rubber stamps? Did you know you can use rubber stamps to make your own utterly bespoke ornaments from the home? Whether you use wood, pretty pebbles, old dominos or another flat surface, you can create pretty ornaments for home from just about anything!

Scrap Books

Scrapbooks can be a really nice way to record memories. They can also prove to be an enjoyable craft project. Some ideas for a reason to make a scrapbook could include holiday memories; to document your pregnancy, or to record memories from your child’s first year. Fill your pages with written notes, photographs, and memorabilia such as tickets stubs or locks of hair for a baby book, and then decorate the pages with patterned paper and rubber stamps!

Greetings Cards

Making handmade greetings cards is an enjoyable craft and is something that you can do the whole year round, for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or even just a note to say thank you or Hello! Starting with plain card, a rubber stamp can form the basis of the design. Add other textiles and other decorations for the finishing touches, and voilà; there you have an attractive handmade greetings card. It really is the thought that counts, after all.

Clay Jewellery and Pots

Yes, you can use rubber stamps on clay! Not just any clay, mind. It will have to be polymer clay; a type of modelling clay that hardens when it is placed in the oven to set. Using this method, you can make all sorts of beautiful items using rubber stamps to complete the decoration. You might choose to make jewellery such as pendants, necklaces or a pair of earrings. Alternatively, you could make larger items such as pots, vases or fruit bowls, all decorated using the imprint of a rubber stamp.

Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough and rubber stamps is another match made in heaven. Salt dough is a fantastic material to use when it comes to the holiday season; for example, you could use rubber stamps to help you make your Christmas tree decorations; or even Easter decorations. The options are endless!

So there you have it; 6 new ideas to use rubber stamps for handmade crafts.

Do you have any other ideas for how to use rubber stamps for crafts? What items would you make with a rubber stamp collection? Leave a comment below and let us know!