New ways to use leather, wood and BBQ branding irons

electric branding iron

Arts, crafts and branding don’t need to be exclusive to paper, card and print. Wood branding tools and pyrography give you loads of innovative ways you can share your message.

From BBQ’s to boxes, bags and more; here are a few ways you can use Stamps Direct branding irons in your professional and personal craft projects.

BBQ Branding Iron for Personalised Grilling

You might have come across a cheap branding iron when searching for a gift for your BBQ-loving friend or family member, but ones like these have their limitations. You can only use letters, you’re limited in your creativity, and the size is standard whatever message you choose.

On the other hand, Stamps Direct Manual branding irons are customisable and ideal for the more creative gift-giver:

• Choose whichever shape or size you want
• Create an intricate design with imagery and text
• They’re sturdy and long-lasting
• Pick a metal which works best for you

What’s more, they can be used on other materials besides your favourite flame-grilled steak. For example, you can use them on wood, card, leather, plastic, and so much more – you just need to remember to do a test print to work out how long it takes to leave a sufficient imprint.

Here’s a useful video showing you how to use a branding iron on different surfaces.

Electric branding ideas for safe, quality crafts

A safer, less fiery way to start making your impressions is with an electric branding iron. All you will need is a plug and some safe space.

The addition of a plug makes them ideal for smaller, more intricate projects like woodworking and similar crafts. In addition, they’re more compact and temperature controlled for consistency if you’re looking to create a professional finish for your sellable pieces.

Here are a few wood branding iron ideas for you:

  • Mark your business logo on your wooden products
  • Create wooden wedding decorations using your initials
  • Imprint festive messages on your wooden decorations

There are loads more options out there for brandable woodcraft, but just like our manual versions, these can be used on different surfaces too. For instance, you can check out how to use an electric brand on leather to make your bags, belts, and boutique labels stand out from the crowd. Most importantly though, buying one of our electric versions means your friend, the BBQ Supreme, can make their mark on delicious chops and fillets all year round.

What sets ours apart

These branding irons, or hot stamps, are top of the line and state of the art. Each one is made from quality steel or brass to deliver the best imprint, and since you can decide your message and design – they really will make an impression.

Choose and create your custom branding iron today. Whether your want a BBQ branding iron, a hot stamp for your business, or even an ice stamp if you’re feeling fancy – our range take arts, crafts and branding into new realms.