How to Clean Rubber Stamps

Spring Cleaning Rubber Stamps

Much the same as your oven which needs to be frequently cleaned to keep it in tip top shape, your rubber stamps also need to be treated to a little bit of TLC on a regular basis too.

If you use rubber stamps for craft activities, you might like to use different coloured inks and therefore you will need to clean the pad between uses to prevent colour mixing and transfer.

Furthermore, unclean stamps can not only lead to unclear stamped images and can also attract dirt and dust.

The health of your rubber stamps is important to ensure that they last a long time and that’s why we’ve put together a guide on how to clean them.

By cleaning them each time you have used them, not only will ensure clean, sharp impressions time and time again but you will also increase their longevity for years to come.

What tools should I use?

There are several options to choose from to help you clean your stamps so we have given you a selection of options:

  • Try blotting the stamp with rags or paper towels to remove excess ink before wiping over with a baby wipe or wet wipe. Select a biodegradable option though – after all, let’s be kind to the planet too! If you choose an alcohol-free option, this should also help to retain the integrity of the rubber surface.
  • Alternatively, if you own packing tape; try stamping your stamp on the sticky side once or twice to remove the remaining ink. The sticky surface helps to retain the ink. You can then follow up with one of the other methods outlined such as wet wipes.
  • Try to avoid using soap on water with wooden mounted rubber stamps as the water can loosen the adhesive on the pad and also damage the wood over time. Certainly, don’t soak them for this reason, also!

Extra tips for a good clean finish

  • Where there are deep crevices present in the design, you will need to fold your cleaning apparatus of choice such as your baby wipe to create a stable layer. Select thick baby wipes and try folding them in quarters to achieve this.
  • Avoid bleach, acetone (nail varnish remover), oil based or any other harsh chemicals as these could significantly damage the rubber pad.
  • Pat dry with a rag or paper towels to remove excess moisture at the end of the cleaning process.
  • Try to clean them after every use to prevent build-up of ink and keep them looking spick and span.

Why not try out these tips and tricks next time you use your rubber stamps and keep them looking as good as new for the best possible impressions each time you use them.

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