30 Uses for Rubber Stamps


We will forgive you for thinking that rubber stamps only have one opportunity to shine in life – in the office! In reality, rubber stamps are an extremely versatile tool that can be used for all manner of creative projects and can also make day to day task fare more efficient. We have put our heads together and come up with 30 uses for the humble rubber stamp.

  1. Decorate your own wrapping paper – whether for a birthday or Christmas, what better way to finish off a thoughtful gift and make it truly unique.
  2. Encourage customer loyalty, and stamp on loyalty cards.
  3. Make your own greetings cards – only your imagination is the limit!
  4. Take a unique and personal approach and make your own wedding invitations.
  5. Get prepared early and make save the date cards for weddings or christenings.
  6. Make name / place settings for a table ahead of a special occasion.
  7. Whether you use fabric, card or even salt dough; make your own Christmas decorations.
  8. A great craft for children after a birthday or Christmas; send handmade thank you cards.
  9. Use our ID protection range and conceal personal information on mail and other documents.
  10. Take a load off your shoulders if you are a teacher and use them as a marking tool.
  11. Stamp your name and address – useful for popping on the back for return sender info or in place of filling out forms!
  12. Save time and use them to mark the date on documents – at home or at work.
  13. Use a PPI stamp instead of an expensive franking machine and cut down on potentially unnecessary cost.
  14. Marks items as private and confidential when mailing documents to ensure sensitive information doesn’t land in the wrong hands!
  15. Keep on top of filing with stock phrase stamps to indicated when things are outstanding or dealt with.
  16. Save money and stamp your brand name on stationery such as letter heads and envelopes that you are posting out.
  17. Finish off that special gift just right by crafting and attaching your own gift tags.
  18. Whatever you keep a scrap book for, make it look a little bit extra special by decorating both the exterior of the book but also the pages themselves.
  19. Take decoupage one step further with attractive stamping designs.
  20. Stamp clay and make vases, decorative plates, mugs or even jewellery.
  21. Get your company branding out there and save on marketing costs – don’t pay for expensive pre-printed paper carrier bags, print your company name yourself!
  22. Create your own wall art – as big or as bold as you like!
  23. Decorate any variety of textiles from cushions to tea towels with special fabric stamps.
  24. Decorate cookies and other baked goods (with a clean stamp of course).
  25. Mark your food and other possessions in shared properties, especially useful in a hostel or perhaps in university dorms.
  26. Mark dates to indicate freshness of eggs.
  27. Use a return to sender rubber stamp to easily return junk mail.
  28. Make name labels for your children’s uniforms to limit them getting lost or pick up by other children.
  29. Create a chore chart for your family & allocate chores with a different design allocated to each family member.
  30. Prepare for a party and make matching party sets including hats, cups and plates.

There you have it; 30 ideas to whet your appetite! Do you have any other ideas for ways in which rubber stamps can be used? We would love to the hear them!

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