Guinness World Records featuring Rubber Stamps

Dove image created from rubber stamps

As you might already know by now, we are passionate about rubber stamps and anything stamp related. That includes stamping records and what better way to get involved than with the Guinness World Records. Did you know that several exists related to rubber stamps?

Find out more below:

The Most People Contributing to a Rubber Stamp Image Record

Interestingly the city of Sahab in Jordan holds this world record currently, where 1,015 participants used rubber stamps to create a large image of a dove, using the colours of the Jordanian flag. Find out more here.

Previously, the record was held by 348 people at the Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity. Details of this record can be found here.

The Largest Rubber Stamp Image Record

The record for the largest image made by rubber stamps is held by P&G (Procter & Gamble Co.), Panda Retail Company and Ismail Abudawood Trading Company, jointly! The record attempt was validated at the local mall in Jeddah. Find out more, here.

Keep an eye on this page for any future record updates!


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