Using Self-Inking Stamps as a cost-effective marketing solution

Takeaway cup with stamped logo

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, marketing is a scalable, never-ending and a potentially expensive endeavour. It is a task which seems come with an extensive and unlimited list of things to do. Marketing requires innovation; a passion for the business; and the ability to communicate and resonate with your customers.

With the expense in mind, small businesses should consider using techniques such as rubber stamping rather than having their offline marketing collateral printed, allowing you to add a personal touch in a cost effective way.

Add the personal touches

One of the reasons that consumers like to buy from local businesses is the personal, one to one service they expect to receive. They like to know they are buying from a person and not just a faceless brand. Consider then, if the consumer was to purchase an item online from one of the large, international retailers and receives their order confirmation and receipt via email with no human communication; would they feel valued?

Alternatively; they purchase the same item from a small local business which goes to the lengths to add the personal touches to their invoice, their receipt, their packaging. They will naturally feel more valued as a customer and much more likely to make a return purchase.

Compliment your brand with every detail

When you’re building your brand up from scratch, every detail counts. From the paper you decide to use to communicate to customers, to the font you use on page, your logo, tone of voice… everything. You can customise your self-inking stamp to the font you want, and even combine multiple fonts for an added effect!

A self-inking stamp will work out far cheaper than any printing method, using stickers or even a calligraphy pen if you were thinking of handwriting. It gives the balance between time, cost-efficiency and professionalism. This means it is perfect for small businesses to use on any outgoing communication.

Examples of using a self-inking stamp for marketing

Small business owners running a café or coffee shop who are looking to add takeaway as an option could purchase plain cups. Then, instead of having their logo custom printed on, could stamp it as you give it to the customer.

Encourage return purchases by running a loyalty card scheme with your customers. Customise the stamp with your logo or something equally as recognisable for your business.

Direct customers to your website with a stamped QR code. Quick Response (QR) codes are a great way to contain small pieces of information which your phone can read and understand. You can use a QR code creator to make one which holds your website address, stamp it on outgoing communications and increase the number of visitors to your website.

For every marketing initiative, there is always a cost-effective solution that can be used by small businesses that will have the same effect with their customers. Whether you’re a big, small, mainstream business or not; your marketing and branding is essential and should always be taken very seriously. Create, be inventive and you can always rely on self-inking stamps to be a part of your marketing.


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