A Guide to Buying Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamp and ink pad

So, you’ve decided to delve into the world of rubber stamps but you aren’t too sure on where to begin? Have no fear; here at Stamps Direct we know rubber stamps inside out so we’re the very best people to give you a helping hand before you make your first purchase.

As you can tell from some of our other blog posts, there are a wide variety of uses for rubber stamps from card making throughout the year to seasonal crafts and even for the marketing of you brand, plus much more! However you intend to use your rubber stamps though, there are some fundamental things to consider and that’s why we’ve put together a guide to buying rubber stamps.

So, let’s get things started with those all important questions you might have…

What’s The Difference Between Mounted Rubber Stamps and Unmounted Rubber Stamps?

The difference between the two styles of rubber stamps really only relates to whether the stamp has a handle attached the stamp pad or not. Unmounted rubber stamps typically will require you to attach a handle yourself which can make the process far more long winded before you can actually begin to use your stamp. At Stamps Direct, we only supply mounted rubber stamps whereby the rubber pad has already been trimmed to the appropriate size. This ensures a crisp finish and minimises stray ink marks.

What are the Differences and Benefits of Wood and Acrylic?

Be aware of the difference between rubber stamps and acrylic stamps. If you need to print a very precise image, it may be preferable to choose an acrylic stamp. This means the stamp will be mounted on acrylic, allowing you to see exactly where you are stamping. Other stamps can be mounted on wood which means you won’t be able to see where the image is being printed.

Do I Need to Buy Ink Separately?

If the rubber stamp you are looking to buy is described as pre-inked then you won’t need to buy a separate ink pad until the ink has run out. Additionally, if you buy a set this will usually mean a set of multiple stamps, rather than a set including a stamp and accompanying ink pad. If you are purchasing a traditional rubber stamp, then you will most likely need to buy an ink pad to accompany your stamp.

What Type of Ink Should I Buy to Use with a Rubber Stamp?

So, what type of ink should you buy? This will depend on the type of rubber stamp you have. For a self-inking stamp, you will need to buy a replacement ink pad like these.  There are a variety of brands to choose from and the option to choose single colour or two colour pads. For traditional rubber stamps, you will need to buy a separate stamp pad. From single colours to even duo colour and tri colour, there is a whole range of choices. Whichever style you buy, be sure to select a stamp pad where the pad surface is raised (i.e. where it sits above the case). This will ensure your stamp experiences full coverage no matter its size. So, there you have it – a simple guide to buying rubber stamps. All you have to decide now is which size and the type of rubber stamp you require from a fail-safe address stamp to something more crafty! If you have any questions about a rubber stamps purchase, contact the team here at Stamps Direct by email on via phone.

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