How to Use Rubber Stamps for Card Making

How to Use Rubber Stamps for Card Making

In recent years, DIY arts and crafts have definitely seen resurgence in popularity. Not only can arts and crafts be a fun and enjoyable hobby for people of all ages, it can also prove to be more cost effective in the long run for all manner of gifts and occasions.

This is especially true when it comes to card making and creating your own handmade cards. If you aren’t particularly artistic you might be put off trying this fun craft, but with the help of rubber stamps it couldn’t be simpler to create your own amazing masterpieces with a professional finish!

Whatever the occasion, you’ll find a rubber stamp suitable. You can choose from both sentiment rubber stamps with all manner of messages and image stamps, which range from the abstract to ordinary. Here at Stamps Direct, we have categories brimming with animals, sports, transport, flowers and trees, cute teddy bears and much, much more.  We even have a selection of Christmas stamps to help you share Seasons Greetings among your friends and family.

So, now you have picked your stamps from the vast collection available, how do you go about actually creating your handmade cards? Follows the simple guide below and you’ll be on your way in no time at all.

Easy Step by Step Guide to Rubber Stamp Card Making

Here’s what you will need:

  • Selection of rubber stamps
  • Copy paper
  • Quality smooth card
  • Ruler and scissors
  • Old spongey mouse pad or similar flat, hard surface
  • Additional craft materials to complete your card
  1. It can be tricky to get a good impression on your first attempt so if you are a complete beginner, we would suggest having some test runs on regular white copy paper before progressing to your card so that you can get a feel for the stamp and the ink. Once you’re happy with your test runs, you can start crafting your masterpiece.
  2. Now you’ve practised on copy paper, it’s time to progress to your card. We would suggest purchasing some high quality smooth card. Not only is this a rubber stamp’s best friend, it will also lead to a nice, professional looking finish. Using the scissors and ruler, bend or cut your card into your required size and shape.
  3. Now take the mouse pad. In our experience we have found that this surface is ideal for stamping as it provides a flat surface with a bit of cushioning which helps to create the perfect finish. Place the card on top of the mouse mat and use this as your working surface.
  4. Select your first stamp and with a firm and solid hand, apply the stamp to your card. Try to keep your hand as still as can to prevent smudging of the image or excess ink marring your image.
  5. Repeat this process until you have completed your design. Once the ink is dry, you can use any additional craft materials such as ribbons, to complete your card.
  6. All finished – you’ve just created your very first handmade card using rubber stamps! Easy-peasy and fun, right?

So, there you have it, browse our range of card making rubber stamps and fall in love with a new hobby today!

Don’t forget; if you have any questions we’re only a click away! Contact us here.

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