The World’s Largest Rubber Stamp vs the Smallest

The World's Largest Rubber Stamp vs the Smallest

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that we love rubber stamps. After all, our business is built on these handy little devices! As you may already know, we stock all shapes and sizes, from traditional mounted rubber stamps to all types of self-inking stamp. Plus, plenty more varieties! Rubber stamps have a huge number of uses and can make your life so much easier, both at work in the office, or at home for organisational reasons and craft fun!

Seeing as we love stamps no matter what size or shape, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the world’s largest rubber stamp vs the smallest. Did you even know records were held for such things? We didn’t realise either, but it’s pretty interesting!

When it comes to creating tiny stamps, it seems India holds the title…

A chap who goes by the name of Iqbal Sakka, from Rajasthan in India, is responsible for creating the ‘World’s Most Miniature Rubber Stamp’ which comes in at just 4.5mm in height and 2.4mm wide! It was registered just last month on 10th April 2014 and it prints the word ‘FREE’ when put on paper.

India also holds the record for the ‘Smallest Rubber Stamp in the World’ too, however. (Yes, apparently there is a difference!) The record was registered back on 5th September 2013 by Jayjyoti Shrivastava from the city of Madhya Pradesh. Incredibly, it’s even smaller, measuring a tiny 3mm in height and 1.9mm in width. When applied to paper, the message says ‘ILL’ which stands for Indian Labour Law.

You’ve got to agree with us that these are both pretty impressive, right?

What about the other end of the spectrum, though?

To find the world’s largest rubber stamp, you’d have to travel to the city of Cleveland in Ohio, USA. It won’t be hard to track down once you arrive though. At a staggering 28ft tall and 48ft long, this huge rubber stamp also bears the word ‘FREE’ is located near the harbour in downtown Cleveland. Apparently an artist by the name of Claes Oldenburg was commissioned by the Standard Oil of Ohio to create it back in 1985 as a feature at their headquarters. Management changed however and it was no longer wanted so after seven years in storage in Indiana, it was returned to Ohio. Just to provide some perspective, the 28ft is almost equivalent in size to three two-storey houses stacked on top of each other!

So, there you have it. A look at the extreme world of rubber stamps! It’s interesting that both the largest and the smallest rubber stamp in the world both print the word ‘FREE’, don’t you think? Why not share the love for rubber stamps with your friends?

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