The Many Uses of Rubber Stamps – By Our Customers & Friends


We’ve harped on about how many different uses there are for rubber stamps and just how wonderful they are, but you might have wondered just how you could put the stamps to use yourself.

Over the years, we’ve had plenty of requests for weird and wonderful custom made rubber stamps for a variety of purposes. Some, as you’d expect, were simple stamps for loyalty cards, business cards, invoices and compliments slips, while others were something a bit more special.

The following is a selection of some of the finest rubber stamps we’ve been commissioned to create:

The Wedding Stamp

Simple, yet extremely popular, the wedding stamp has a range of fantastic applications for wedding stationery from invites to orders of ceremony right through to favour boxes. Here are just a handful of the best uses of the wedding stamp that we’ve seen.

The team at Rock My Wedding were one of the first to order a custom stamp to create bespoke wedding invites. This started a trend of wonderfully hand-made wedding invite stationery that went down a storm and has since spread across the internet like wildfire.

Wedding invites with a simple, yet rustic feel and a touch of elegance that you wouldn’t find with manufactured and printed invites. These invites feature that something special that every wedding should have – the personal touch.

Katie & Tom took the wedding stamp, a multi-coloured ink pad and some carefully folded boxes and created some smashingly unique favour boxes that no doubt leapt off the tables both metaphorically and literally.

Tara @ The Natural Wedding Company went in a different direction with the designs for her handmade invites, choosing not to use the wedding stamp but to create a rustic handmade design with one of our animal stamps and some simple typewriter written wording.

As well as creating a smart looking handmade invite, there are plenty of other uses for custom rubber stamps when it comes to wedding stationery. Nikki @ Little Love Notes used a custom heart stamp to seal the envelopes with love and applied the stamp to card to create a rustic feel for the invites themselves.

A wax seal would work well here as well – sealing the envelope with a traditional splodge of wax squashed with custom design that could easily include initials, names or a simple cartoon bride and groom.

More custom invites made from card with a bespoke stamp applied for the essential info you need to know @ Adore Wedding Blog. Here the addition of clean and simple printed inserts made the creation of the invites relatively simple and straightforward and the use of the rubber stamp helped keep costs down while creating something that stood out from the crowd and could easily be pinned to the fridge as a reminder of the date.

The Company Stamp

Obviously there are plenty of people out there who wish to make their mark in business. From the simple sole proprietor, right up to the SMEs, each and every company wants people to know they exist (and buy their products/services). Getting your name out there is an important part of being in business.

Rubber stamps are a great way to get your business name and other details out there for everyone to see. Whether it’s a stamp on the envelopes of your out-going mail, the stamp on your compliments slips, a stamp on your business cards or even the addition of a stamp to the back of your product/price tag/label, there’s a way to make your in business without costing the earth.

Sooziebee used a custom rubber stamp from us to add the ‘final’ touch to her hand-crafted cards letting people know who made them and where to find more.

Company stamps can be used in other ways too. Custom made stamps work really well for branding – allowing business to stamp their brand wherever they need it to appear. Brave businesses may even use such tactics for guerrilla marketing techniques – stamping their brand across towns, cities and anywhere it might be seen and stand out.

Devonshire based branding agency (previous known as Biz-R) used our stamps as part of their rebranding campaign when they became ‘Believe in’ in 2010.

A simple logo and a custom rubber stamp and you can make a real impression for your company. A rubber stamp is an excellent way to add a clear logo to any paperwork, product or other medium to help it stand out and remind people who you are. Hello Goodbye Designs took this idea to apply their logo to a simple stamp to create a brand that’s easy to remember.

Another simple logo and branding stamp that works well with the simplicity of our rubber stamps.

What sweeter way to make your products work for you than with simple, in-your-face branding and contact information. The Sweet Memory Lane sweet shop has the right idea, putting our custom stamp to use to create simple, yet effective packaging for their pick & mix sweets with a traditional packaging that just works.

Some companies have used our stamps to create traditional marketing stamps that reinforce the style and feel of their brand while reaching out to their target audience.

Loyalty cards are obviously popular too. There’s no better way to encourage repeat custom and we can help create custom loyalty stamps to ensure no one is cheating the system while helping your brand to stand out from the crowd. Bunty’s Tea Room were certainly happy with their design.

Rubber stamps can just as easily be used to reinforce a company message and ethos. Here Samphire Shop used our custom stamp to remind people of their commitment to free-range meat and a healthy commitment to animal welfare.

In an effort to grow real-world followers, PaperHaveli used our social media stamps to spread the word about their Twitter account where they wanted it to be seen most.

Stamps of course don’t have to be restricted to making impressions with ink. Some choose to use it to make their mark on the products themselves, like Katharina Klug who used our custom stamp as a makers mark on her porcelain pottery.

Jefferson Basset created a simple stamp with his website address to help increase his visitors and expand brand reach with ease.

Moving House?

The old change of address card has been popular for decades – keeping family and friends up to date with your current location is obviously the best way not to fall out of touch. Those who love traditional ‘snail’ mail and correspondence will love this sort of thing. With a bit of simple card, your own design and a custom stamp, you can quickly and easily create your own change of address cards to keep everyone in the know.

Here Angel in the North used our custom stamp option to create a big and bold address stamp that really leaps out at you. A simple yet effective way to remind people you exist and care about them.

For your foreign friends and family, you could even jazz up your envelopes with an ‘airmail’ stamp as S-FI Mail did a few years back.

Something For The Children

Kids love arts and crafts stuff and there’s plenty of fun to be had with the various arts and crafts stamp that we can make and provide. Whether you’re trying to teach them the wonder of rubber stamps or simply giving them something to play and make ‘art’ with, there’s plenty of opportunity for fun and originality.

Big Blue Bed put our dog stamp to use on paper and material with her daughter – having plenty of fun and creating some fun art and easy designs.

The Unusual Designs

Sometimes we’re asked to create some stamps for a range of applications and we really have no idea what they mean or what they’re being used for. But we always enjoy seeing them. Here’s an example from Cards By Claire with Gallifreyan Symbols.

If you’ve seen some wonderful uses for rubber stamps or have some quirky ideas, why not share them with us in the comments!

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