10 Under-Appreciated Things About Rubber Stamps

Unappreciated Stamp

Rubber stamps are often left neglected and disregarded in an ever-evolving world of mobile technology and instant coffee. But the trusty traditional rubber stamp should be your friend. Here’s 10 reasons why.

  1. They’re a classic design tool – designers know that white space is a must with any design, whether its artwork, brochures, company stationery or even walls – the human eye naturally finds simple clean colours more appealing. Overly complicated shapes and shades are confusing and messy. White space attracts the eye and helps the main object to become the focal point. Use a rubber stamp on a piece of paper to leave an impression that’s clean and simple and you’ll easily attract attention.
  2. They have character – rubber stamps naturally have a traditional feel to them. They add a certain level of character to whatever they’re applied to. So whether you’re stamping a wedding invite, an envelope or simply making an impression on a loyalty card, there’s a certain appealing character to ink on paper. The sort of people that use rubber stamps will immediately stand out from the crowd!
  3. They’re practical and useful – there’s certainly a wide range of applications for rubber stamps. Whatever you can think of, you can probably buy a rubber stamp to use in that situation. Rubber stamps are used for everything from stamping eggs to marking invoices as ‘paid’ to letting people into nightclubs. Rubber stamps help make your life easier but cutting down on paper work or at least the need for handwriting on documents. Things like PPI stamps allow you to mark outgoing mail and properly comply with Royal Mail rules.
  4. They’re low-cost & cost-effective – stamps are the cost-effective solution to a range of applications. They’re a time saver and a long-lasting tool for getting the job done. Whether stamping office documents or creating hundreds of hand-made cards – rubber stamps will leave and impression and keep on going without letting you down. They’re low cost and a perfect alternative to printing or handwriting.
  5. Built for you – rubber stamps can be custom built to meet your specific requirements. Whatever you need them for they can be cut to meet those needs. Not many other things in life are so bespoke. Rubber stamps are uniquely yours and help you to leave your mark on the world.
  6. They’re refillable – as well as being long-lasting to start with, rubber stamps are easily maintained and refreshed. Depending on the sort of rubber stamp (traditional or self-inking) it’s either just a case of refreshing the ink pad or replacing it entirely. Keep your stamp clean and your ink pad wet and you’ll be stamping for years.
  7. They keep kids quiet – we all know that kids love to get dirty! They love hands-on play and this includes the ink-based sort that involves getting stuck in with rubber stamps to create all sorts of art work from collages to a simple mess of multiple stamps that’s meant to look like a horse. We might not always appreciate the art of our children, but it certainly keeps them busy. There’s something satisfying about the sound of the rubber stamp on paper and card and kids will appreciate that too.
  8. They’re great for relieving aggression – if there’s anything more satisfying than stamping then we don’t want to know about it. The feeling of rubber hitting paper and then peeling it back to reveal the sticky inky residue below is enough to relieve the pressure of the working week. Especially satisfying if you’ve paid an invoice or perhaps you’re frustrated and sending out an overdue bill to an annoying client who never pays on time?
  9. They’re compact and portable – modern rubber stamps are small enough to be popped in your pocket and carried about with ease. Which is great as it gives you the chance to apply them in places that you might not otherwise do so. With a rubber stamp in your pocket you can easily make an off-the-cuff business card by stamping bits of paper, notebooks or other documents. With a rubber stamp in your pocket you could stamp your business name and URL about the town or city to attract new customers and raise your brand awareness. With an ID protection stamp you could hide private data and help combat ID theft and with the anti-bacterial stamp you could combat germs while on the move.
  10. They’re great for encouraging loyalty – rubber stamps are often overlooked as a valid marketing tool. But they’re a fantastic little tool for encouraging repeat custom. They work wonders with loyalty card schemes and other marketing undertakings. Branded rubber stamps will help remind customers of your brand and keep it at the forefront of their mind. A loyalty card in their wallet will be an ever constant reminder of your existence and the ‘free’ stuff just slightly out of their reach.

Make the most of a underappreciated bit of plastic or wood and invest in a rubber stamp today, you’ll be glad that you did!

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