Using Rubber Stamps as a Tool for Teaching

Rubber School Stamp

The old saying goes ‘those who can do, those who can’t teach’ but teachers deserve a lot more credit than that! Children are, after all, our future. They are the future of the country and the future of the economy. Whether they’re going to be Prime Minister or a firefighter, shop keeper, cleaner or marketing executive, each and every child will need a health education behind them to stand them in good stead.

Every good teacher knows that in order to help children to grow into intelligent, positive, self-sufficient and happy adults, they’ll need nurturing, educating and encouraging. Teaching is much more than simply passing on information – children are not robots. They need to be interested in and engaged in a subject to get the best results.

Starting Them Young With Positive Reinforcement

Educating children obviously starts from a very young age and is often the parent’s responsibility, before being passed on to nursery school, primary school and secondary school. Every parent knows that children need encouragement when they’ve done something right (or wrong). Positive reinforcement is a term that is thrown around a lot nowadays, but it’s not a new concept.

Of course, positive reinforcement goes hand-in-hand with general motivational techniques and the needs of children differ greatly from those of adults. It is far easier (and simpler) to encourage and motivate children than it is adults. Small rewards are often enough.

Many teachers (and people in general for that matter) are aware of the old concept of the ‘gold star’ – if a pupil answers the question correctly, completes a task, arrives on time or other desired task, then they are rewarded with a gold star for their efforts. Rubber stamps can be used to achieve the same results.

Using a range of motivational rubber stamps you can mark your child’s (or pupil’s) homework or classwork with various signs to encourage their efforts. Whether it’s an ‘improving’ stamp or an ‘excellent’ or simply a star for effort, all these things will help encourage children in future.

Motivational stamps are a fun and easy way to encourage children and allow plenty of variety to keep them interested. These stamps are great for younger children at nursery, primary and middle school, but would probably be a little patronising for older children at secondary school.

An Apple a Day

Motivational rubber stamps are fantastic for teachers as well as children. These rubber stamps reduce the pressure on teachers when the homework is piling up. There’s less need to write on each piece of homework when a ‘good work’ stamp might be enough to praise and encourage the student to do well in future.

We all know that teachers are busy and have limited time, so we’re happy to be able to supply a tool that helps teachers do a good job educating the future of our country while making life easier for them too!

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