Guns Don’t Kill People – Rubber Stamps Kill People

Guns and Stamps

Generally we won’t hear a bad word said against or about rubber stamps – after all, they are our business and I think you’ll agree they have many, many wonderful uses. But we’ve talked before about how rubber stamps can have negative uses and the problems they can cause. From sanctioning secret Government projects to marking you as a failure at your exams, rubber stamps certainly have their evil uses.

You could of course argue that guns don’t kill people, rubber stamps kill people. You might be wondering how, but give me a moment to explain with one word – war.

Guns generally are designed and manufactured to shoot bullets. Bullets are generally designed to kill people. But those guns don’t just get put into people’s hands for no good reason. Every Country has a military body in one form or another and those armies are put to use fighting battles, waging wars or simply on peace keeping operations. In order to go to war or carry out these operations Government approval is often required and usually by rubber stamped regulations or other sanctions. So the ‘rubber stamp’ becomes an essential part of the process and, essentially, the tool that leads to death. This is why rubber stamps have so many negative connotations and their use is loathed.

But can we really blame the rubber stamps for the death and carnage that they inevitably bring? No. After all, it’s not guns or rubber stamps that kill people; it’s the people behind the rubber stamps that kill people.

Rubber Stamps Save Lives!

Alas, the human race often focuses on the negatives in life. We let the good done in the world go without praise, thanks or recognition, but are happy to moan about the bad. But it’s important to remember the good that rubber stamps can do too!

  • Rubber stamps are used in hospitals to mark important paperwork, so people get their operations, medicine and treatment when they need it.
  • Rubber stamps are used to reject unnecessary military action and prevent death.
  • Rubber stamps are used on legal paperwork, ensuring justice is served and the guilty are punished while the innocent go free.
  • Anti-bacterial rubber stamps kill germs and prevent infection – helping keep people healthy in dangerous environments.
  • Royal Mail PPI rubber stamps ensures important post including medicines, food parcels and other essentials arrive when they are needed most.
  • Rubber stamps can be used to mark food (e.g. eggs) with the best before date to avoid food poisoning and illness that might otherwise be caused.
  • Peace keeping operations will need to be rubber stamped and those military operations are one example of where guns are used to prevent death and do good!

So, you can quickly see that while rubber stamps can kill (indirectly), they can also do a great deal of good!

Spread the love for rubber stamps and help stop the negative connotations and stereotypes that bring us all down!

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