25 Uses for Rubber Stamps in Everyday Life

Woman and Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps have thousands of excellent uses in everyday life that can make a world of difference. They can bring cheer and happiness to your life, they can help educate your children, they can be used to mark your clothes, they can be used for admins tasks and so much more. Here’s a short list of 50 excellent uses for rubber stamps…

  1. Creating your own wedding invites with custom made wedding stamps and stationery
  2. Prevent your child’s clothes getting confused with others or keep track of your work uniform with textile stamps to make your name and other info on the labels.
  3. Create and design your own gift tags and labels for Christmas, birthdays and other seasonal/special occasions.
  4. Improve your office admin duties by marking and dating post as ‘received’ as and when it arrives at the office so you can easily track real-world correspondence.
  5. Cut costs of postage and printing with Royal Mail PPI stamps.
  6. Create your own business cards with a personalised and unique rubber stamp that will give a perfect professional impression. Better still, use the stamp to stamp anything and everything and turn even the most menial object into your personal business card.
  7. Stamp your return address on outgoing post or personalise company mail with a company logo stamp.
  8. Send your compliments along with your mail with a stamp designed specifically for your company compliments slips.
  9. Make your own cards for special occasions and use rubber stamps to decorate and delight your intended recipient.
  10. Motivate children with a variety of stamps that include ‘good work’, stars and other motivational signs – perfect for teachers!
  11. Use rubber stamps to save on writing and signing cards at Christmas and other festive seasons, while keeping it personal!
  12. Encourage customers to keep coming back to your business, shop, restaurant or café with a loyalty card scheme and themed rubber stamp.
  13. Make your own wrapping paper for presents. With simple or plain wrapping paper, the addition of interesting shapes, designs and colours from rubber stamps would easily make for festive or themed wrapping paper at a low cost (you could even use plain printer paper).
  14. Protect your ID and prevent theft of your important information with the ID protection roller stamp.
  15. Show your appreciation or dislike of something with Facebook style ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ stamps bringing your virtual approval or disapproval into the real world!
  16. Increase your social media following with find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter rubber stamps – use them to stamp everything in sight and you’ll increase your real world followers and potential customer base!
  17. Remind people of the effort you put into making stuff with a ‘handmade by’ stamp that might even encourage return custom!
  18. Broadcast the freshness and best before dates of your eggs and prevent any unwanted health problems with these egg stamps.
  19. Use rubber stamps to decorate trinkets, wooden boxes and old pieces of furniture (like lamp shades) that need new life breathing into them!
  20. Create a collage of all the stamps in your collection or create an image of something really cool using a variety of stamps overlaid with each other like in this video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8buJ6VPmrIo
  21. Crush evil bacteria with a highly hygienic anti-bacterial stamp.
  22. Leave a trail of rubber stamped love notes for your partner like breadcrumbs for them to follow on Valentine’s Day.
  23. Use Ultra-Violet security ink to stamp your details on your personal property so if it gets lost or stolen, you have a way to prove it’s yours!
  24. If you work at a garage, have a custom stamp made for stamping service books and MOT documents with your garage details and company logo – it’s professional and looks great!
  25. Use discount and sale stamps to encourage people to spend money on specially discounted items!

If you can think of some other handy uses for rubber stamps, why not let us know in the comments below!

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