Unique Stamp Design Ideas for Stag Do Invitations

Stag Party

When it comes to planning a stag party, the trend today is to be as unique as possible. This can even mean sending out invitations that have a special touch added to them. Standard or themed invites can be dressed up by selecting special rubber stamps to mark the occasion.

Selecting rubber stamps

If you’re the best man in charge of arranging a stag do, think about what the groom is interested in and what, if any, theme the invitations will have before selecting a rubber stamp to add to it. Include the date of the party on the stamp. Here are some suggestions:

*Sports – If there is a particular football team the stag supports, find a stamp with their name or logo. A simple design from that sport, such as a soccer ball or basketball, would also suffice.

*Hobbies – Many men have things they like to do that take their mind off whatever is going on in their everyday life. Hunting, fishing, woodworking and cars may be typical hobbies for which a stamp is available.

*Address – Stamps which include blank lines next to the name and address of the recipient will seem a little fancier than the normal line by line handwritten invitation. These can come in a variety of fonts.

*Stag theme – If there is a particular theme to the stag party, try to incorporate that into the stamp. This can include if the party is going to be held in a certain location or if there is going to be a particular activity, such as paintball or go-carting that is going to be included. Obviously, stamps associated with drinking or pubs would also be appropriate in most cases.

*TV or movies – The groom might enjoy a stamp geared toward his favourite type of TV show or movie, such as comic book heroes, science fiction or mystery. Stamps depicting the characters, iconic images or simply a magnifying glass or spaceship would add something to the invitations.

Finding a way to be unique with the invitations to a stag party is less about trying to find something completely new than it is about knowing what the groom and his friends enjoy. Normal invitations can seem unique by using a rubber stamp to dress them up using images associated with some aspect of the groom’s life. It may also save some money that can then be put toward the actual stag party. Not only will the groom appreciate the extra effort, but the invitation will become more of a keepsake item to all those involved.

Guest author Andrea Thompson writes for http://www.stagdoideas.net, where you can find more inspiration for your stag party activities, including ideas for stag weekends in Brighton.

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