Marketing Your Business with Rubber Stamps


It’s surprising the number of uses rubber stamps can be put to. Especially with custom made stamps – it’s a world of possibilities. If you take a look around our website, you’ll soon get a feel of how many different stamps there are out there. We’ve got a stamp for every occasion, whether you’re planning a wedding, protecting your identity or just trying to keep your children motivated. But stamps are great for business too!

Making Your Mark

There’s plenty of ways you can use rubber stamps to market your business. The most obvious is probably one you’ve seen already, a simple (yet effective) address and contact details stamp. Grab your stamp and pop your mark on every piece of correspondence you send out – letters, invoices, compliments slips, receipts or company mailers. It makes your company stand out, but more importantly it helps your customers (and potential customers) get in touch if they need to.

The great thing about using rubber stamps to market your business is its unusual and adds that personal touch you don’t get with printed mail or mass produced envelopes.

Marketing Online Offline

A recent article by the Digital Marketing Association stated that:

“… 22% of respondents saying that they have visited the Facebook page of a company they are loyal to.”


“… 16% say they will follow companies they are loyal to on Twitter…”

Based on these figures and the current trend of businesses marketing themselves on the big social media platform, it’s easy to see the importance of following suit. If you’re not on Twitter and Facebook, you risk missing out. But how do you let people know where to find you?

Our social media stamps are a fantastic way of letting people know you’re on the web and where to find you. Stamping your correspondence with our Twitter and Facebook stamps can help improve and increase the number of followers and help you reach the people that matter – your customers.

One of our recent customers @PaperHaveli, was very pleased with their Twitter stamp and is happily stamping everything in sight to get more followers.

Retaining and Gaining

Of course one of the most important part of business is not only gaining more customers, but also retaining the ones you already have. We’ve written previously about the advantages of loyalty card stamps and this is another perfect area to market your business.

A loyalty card is a simple, yet effective market tool which keeps customers coming back. Do it right and they’ve always got that card in their wallet, burning them and reminding them how close they are to a free cup of coffee or a free desert.

It’s also a fantastic way to know who your best customers are. If you’re constantly stamping the same loyalty cards for the same people, you know you’re doing well and reaching the right individuals. Encourage those people to share with their friends and you’re spreading the word about your business with little effort or expenditure.

Putting rubber stamps to work for you and see what difference they can make to your business!

Let us know in the comments if you can think of any other ways to market your business with stamps!

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