How to Use Rubber Stamps on Cloth & Textiles

As a manufacturer and supplier of rubber stamps, we’re never surprised to hear the requests of our customers for rubber stamps for various tasks. Every task you can think of, there’s probably a stamp for that. Even some you might not have thought of.

Textiles are one of those areas. People do ask “How can I use a rubber stamp on clothing?” – why would anyone want to us rubber stamps on clothing? Naming and identifying clothes with ease is the obvious answer. Work clothes or uniforms that might be put in a general load, clothes washed in a communal laundry or clothes that otherwise might get lost or mistaken for others and taken are obvious candidates.

Textile Inks and Stamps

Obviously you can’t just use any old rubber stamp and ink you find lying around. Inks used on clothing need to be wash and heat resistant. They need to stand up to the test of time as they are likely to encounter much more friction than your standard stamped surface.

Clothing stamp kits have everything you need to get started and ensure the best possible results with a stamp that’s both legible and wash proof. No more losing your clothes or arguing about that shirt that clearly belongs to you!

The self-ink stamp ensures the perfect level of ink is applied to the clothing without bleeding or over inking resulting in a clearly legible marking that perfectly meets your requirements.

Happy Stamping!

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  1. Hi can you do a custom design for the stamps? I need them for the logo inside baby clothing for my new online baby store

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